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Poetry in a Pandemic: Am I repeating myself?

I feel like I’m repeating what I’ve said before

If you find that is the case, then simply read no more.


From wait and see to survival mode

No masks, no wipes-they’ve all been sold.

I hope this ends before I’m old.

And if I cough, it’s only a cold.


The “quarantine;” I hate that word

To isolate seems quite absurd.

Alone or with your family

Until you’re cured or symptom free.


Just find a nook to read a book

Or watch TV ‘till half past 3

AM, that is, for don’t you see

The virus can move from you to me.


Be safe, be well for time will tell

How long we remain at home

Till then reach out to everyone

On an iPad or a phone.


Beaches, churches and parks alike

Numbers at all these soon will spike.

Restaurant will open, libraries too

As we return to life anew.


Sit tight and delight in the days ahead

When babies are born and couples are wed

When beds are empty in crisis centers

And banks are happy to be our lenders.


When shortages end and we can be close

To the ones we care for and love the most.

This will just seem like a very bad dream

When all in life was in the extreme.


Sandy Quarto of Norwich enjoys writing poems, books and cards for her grandchildren as well as hiking, gardening, antiquing and painting. “I have written over 40 poems about these challenging pandemic times, which I send to family and a few friends, two at a time. Some are humorous. I will probably publish them in book form at some point,” she said. She is also writing a book about her late beloved daughter Kristina, a gifted artist and musician who lived in New London.

The Times is offering local readers a chance to share their poetry amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. To contribute, email


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