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Poetry in a Pandemic: People, come on!

People, come on!

Come on, People!

Let’s just stop and

Think for a moment,

That we didn’t come

This far to go back,

We didn’t just take one step

Forward towards healing

And progression,

And ten steps backward

Towards hurt and regression,

We did not come all the way here,

To live in uncertainty and fear,

For ourselves, our children

And everyone for whom we care,

We did not come this far,

Because of all the sacrifices

So many people have made,

Just to let it all go in vain!

Come on, People!

Let’s use our common sense,

Logic, facts and knowledge,

Let’s use our powerful

Yet thoughtful words and gentle voice,

Not Violence!!!

To choose right from wrong,

To stand for the truth,

Equality and justice for all,

To fight for each other

Not against one another!

Fight to unite not divide!

Fight for love, respect,

Humanity, diversity and morality,

And peace towards all mankind!

Violence is never the answer,

Violence doesn’t solve anything,

Violence can only bring chaos,

Heartbreak and hatred,

And hatred will lead to

complete mayhem!

Let us fight a good fight,

Without Violence!!!

With creative, effective yet lenient action,

Against disparity, injustice and corruption,

And beat the unbeatable enemy together!

Palwasha Mahmoodi


Poetry in a Pandemic offers local readers a chance to share their poetry written during or related to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. To contribute, email


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