About 17 percent turnout in Lyme with no contested races

Lyme — Despite there being no contested races, officials said that turnout was better than expected at about 17 percent.

Officials said 310 people voted in total, including one person who registered to vote on Election Day. The total number of registered voters was 1,746.

Officials said they expected about 230 to 250 people to vote, given yet again there were no contested races. They also thought the good weather contributed to the total number of voters.

Longtime Republican First Selectman Ralph F. Eno Jr., who was cross-endorsed, got 310 votes; 156 coming from registered Democrats and 145 from registered Republicans. Eno has served in office since 2007, as well as from 1991 to 2001

He has said that he wants to complete Lyme's landfill closure project and its conversion to a transfer station.

Republican Parker Lord got 173 votes for selectman and Democrat Steve Mattson got 130 votes. Both are incumbents.

Lord also has cited the closing of the landfill as a top priority. He has said that Lyme faces the same challenges as most towns: education, keeping the budget in line, maintaining roads and being fiscally responsible.

With the completion of the town campus project, Mattson has said Lyme can address the need for continued strengthening of its information resources.


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