Births - June 24

Backus Hospital

MAY 30 - A daughter to Zachary Potter and Heather Brinson.

MAY 31 - A daughter to Isaiah Thomas and Angela Haller; a son to Joshua and Jennifer Howarth.

JUNE 1 - A son to Kyle and Ashley Stadelmyer.

JUNE 2 - A daughter to Daniel and Alexis Amarante; a son to Begeotte and Joanne Benjamin; a daughter to Paul and Berkeley Manocchio.

JUNE 3 - A daughter to Lissa Campbell.

JUNE 4 - A son to Christopher and Brittney Cruse; a son to Kristofer and Brittany York.

JUNE 5 - A son to Jonathan and Melissa Trahan.

JUNE 7 - A son to Robert and Laura Sautter; a son to Abdifatah Hussein and Keyana Rivera; a son to Brian Ouellette and Emalee Aceto.

JUNE 8 - A daughter to Crystal Antisdel.

JUNE 9 - A son to Daniel Murray and Beth Rainey.

JUNE 10 - A daughter to Erick and Vanessa Brule.

JUNE 11 - A daughter to Earl and Katherine Dudley; a son to Mike Baptiste and Marlouvenca Bataille.

JUNE 12 - A daughter to Daniel and Rosalind Kish; a daughter to Jesse and Katie Ball; a daughter to Joshua and Aubrey Hand.

JUNE 13 - A son to Anthony and Victoria Laroux; a daughter to James and Linnea Fitzgerald; a son to Scott and Katie Johnson.

JUNE 14 - A daughter to Jonas Leon-Cepeda and Jennifer Blanco; a daughter to Jonathan and Ashley Coleman; a daughter to Jeffrey and Miranda Mitchell.

JUNE 15 - A daughter to Edward and Michelle Sabukewicz.

L+M Hospital

MAY 21 - A daughter to Taylor and Milan Adams IV of Waterford.



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