TV tip: "Case Histories," Amazon Prime

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TV tip

Case Histories

Amazon Prime

Are you one of those folks who can't separate an actor/actress from an iconic role she/he played? I'd like to think I'm not capable of such things — but I don't know. If, for example, I saw Sir Anthony Hopkins, I'd rush up and say make a funny liver/chianti joke because no one's ever done that to him before, I'll bet! Just kidding. Still, watching "Case Histories," the 2011 series based on Kate Atkinson's novel — and which is newly available for streaming on Netflix — my wife and I were thoroughly entertained. Jason Isaacs is a very good lead as Artkinson's private eye Jackson Brodie except ... something bugged us. Then Eileen remembered: Isaacs played the creep on the overrated "OA" weirdo series. What to do? Is this Isaacs' fault because he agreed to play a goofy role in a bad show? I guess not. "Case Histories," with Scottish charm but true darkness at its core, is great anyway.


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