Movie tip: "Gloria Bell"

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Movie tip

Gloria Bell

It is a little strange that, with “Gloria Bell,” director/co-writer Sebastian Lelio had remade his 2013 Chilean film “Gloria” with a nearly shot-by-shot replica but one that’s set in America and with different actors. Get past that oddity, though, and you’ll find an engaging work and a dexterous performance by Julianne Moore as the title character. Gloria is a 50-something divorcee who works her insurance job during the day and loves dancing in clubs at night. The movie follows Gloria during her life, both the everyday mundanities and the occasional personal fireworks. One of the main complications is John Turturro as a suitor who is divorced but seems incapable of escaping the co-dependency between his ex, their kids and him. While Gloria proves resilient, there is an underlying melancholy in the film and loneliness in the character.



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