Streaming tip: "Dead to Me"

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Streaming Tip

Dead to Me


We are spoiled readers and viewers, and we've been programmed to expect — make that DEMAND — our plot twists. At some point, a twist will be NO twist — "Wow, I never saw that not coming!" — and the sun and stars will die and we'll float into a void like particles of ash. In the meantime, we just finished watching the first episode of the new Netflix series "Dead to Me." A drama with sharply dark comedic flashes — or a bitterly grim comedy? — "Dead to Me" features Christina Appelgate and Linda Cardellini as grieving widows who meet in a support group and quickly bond into best close pals. But the sharply written episode contains character reveals that heighten the tension and a final-scene surprise that came outof nowhere and clubbed me in the brain. Sign me up! 


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