Get the facts, make informed decision on East Lyme Public Safety Complex

There are some who may not agree with the proposed East Lyme Public Safety Complex and they are certainly entitled to their opinion. We live in a democratic society. It gives citizens the right to actively participate in the decision-making of the government. However, one needs to base their decisions on the facts that are presented by the entity tasked with bringing forth a proposal. Formulating a conclusion based on anything else defeats the purpose of our rights as citizens to have a voice.

Countless hours have been devoted by dedicated individuals who have tirelessly volunteered their time and expertise to find the best possible resolution for an ongoing issue. There is free speech and then there is false information. The members of the Public Safety Complex Task Force have been extremely transparent. All of the facts have been shared at public forums and meetings as well as our town website. Citizens have been encouraged to ask questions. Those who have reached out have received factual responses both publicly and through Q&A emails.

There are many who have looked beyond their political affiliation and worked together to provide a viable solution. Many of us have reached out personally and offered the opportunity to discuss the facts in a humble attempt to clear up false information that has been presented regarding this project. Some have thanked us and sincerely appreciated our time and efforts to reach out. Others have declined the offer.

It is crucial that every taxpayer is given the opportunity to cast an informed vote at the Feb. 20 referendum.

Many have reached out to express how tired they have become of all the negativity displayed on social media regarding this project, and we concur. Random posts on social media are not the place to gather facts about such an important issue. When you seek the truth, go directly to the source.

It is time to rise above the fray, and come up with a solution that provides the men and women of our public safety departments with a long overdue professional building where they can continue to provide this community with the highest level of service. The safety, health and well-being of the citizens, employees and visitors of East Lyme is our number one priority. This is the time to rise up and act upon your civic duty by exercising your right to vote.

As always, please reach out if you need assistance with clarification on any of the information we have provided as well as with any additional questions you may have.

Daniel Price is chairman of the East Lyme Police Commission and chairs the Public Safety Complex Task Force.



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