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    Real Estate
    Thursday, August 11, 2022

    Property Transactions June 17, 2022


    344 Bozrah St:

    Smolen, Walden J & Blinn-Smolen, Linda J to Mcdonnell, Brian R & Hughes, Marie B, $464,900.


    415 Amston Rd:

    Mcglynn, Steven J & Mcglynn, Karen M to Zeng, Rong & Zeng, Lijin, $352,000.

    20 Ashley Ln:

    Conner, Zachary D to Macrina, Mark A & Macrina, Sirirat, $436,000.

    Parum Rd:

    Ventura FT & Colburn, Virginia V to J Williams Estates LLC, $51,500.

    Usher Swamp Rd #4-4:

    James Marino Jr Const LLC to Candela, Robert & Candela, Francesca, $79,900.

    East Lyme

    41 Brockett Rd:

    Berger, Marc & Berger, Phyllis to Heise, Ross W, $490,000.

    Central Ave:

    Feigl, Neil & Pyer, Barbara to Schloss, Michael & Schloss, Sharon, $535,000.

    Giants Neck Rd:

    Clarke, Harold E to Torneo, Michael A & Taylor, Crystal, $345,000.

    106 Laurelwood Dr:

    Shea, Matthew J to Dipietro, Anthony & Dipietro, Silvana, $509,000.

    Main St:

    Neffe Warren B Est & Russo, Kevin F to Pastor, Frederick & Pastor, Patricia A, $625,000.

    168 Roxbury Rd:

    Desai, Bakula to Shukri, Adel H & Faltous, Mervat A, $355,000.

    12 Tabernacle Ave:

    Feigl, Neil & Pyer, Barbara to Schloss, Michael & Schloss, Sharon, $535,000.


    19-21 Hawkins St:

    Deal House Cap Fund 1 LLC to 1921 Hawkins Corp, $102,500.

    212-214 N Main St:

    Gaudette, Edward R & Gaudette, Doris C to Gaudette, Calvin M, $182,800.

    31 Old Bethel Rd:

    Hill, Shawn R & Hill, Crystal E to Long, Wesley & Cordell, Catherine, $320,000.

    178 Preston Rd:

    Caffary, James P & Caffary, Rita to Diamond, Linsey A, $245,000.

    61 S Main St #303:

    Ware, Anna to Shogren, Skye W & Lattanzi, Emily M, $199,000.


    300 Briar Hill Rd:

    Dufficy, James F & Tracy-Dufficy, Laureen E to Duffy, Frederick S, $970,000.

    84 Buddington Rd #2:

    Higgs, John J & Higgs, Cheryl L to Boiselle, Traci L, $120,000.

    2 Cindy Ln:

    Santangelo, Patricia to Riley, Meghan E, $310,000.

    142 Ledgeland Dr:

    Tice, Jonathan D & Tice, Andrea M to Tipton, Douglas A & Tipton, Dina L, $500,000.

    378 Meridian St Ext #35:

    Delong Lloyd D Est & Delong, Larry W to Albee, John & Albee, Yon O, $249,900.

    245 Midway Oval:

    Verno, Nicholas E to Berger, Melissa S, $130,000.

    Neptune Dr:

    Halperin, Ronda L to Brian E Connolly RET & Connolly, Brian E, $3,680,000.

    39 Pegasus Dr:

    Dethouars, Vincent & Dethouars, Jung to Kenneson, Nicole M & Grenier, Chelsey L, $287,000.


    Carriage Dr:

    Country Builders LLC to Valvo Jr, Frank & Valvo, Julie K, $149,900.

    Deepwood Dr:

    Mcmahon, Michael to Willow Land LLC & Chase, Jodi T, $15,000.

    544 Goshen Hill Rd:

    Culpin, John R & Culpin, Joan C to Pascucci Necker Ling T & Pascucci, William M, $344,000.

    22 Lawrence Dr:

    Mcguire Jr, Michael D & Mcguire, Monica M to Smoller, Adam M & Smoller, Aya H, $435,000.

    690 Waterman Rd:

    Witherell, Brenden J & Witherell, Amy E to Ortiz-Perez, Luis B & Bliven, Rachel C, $510,000.


    1733 Center Groton Rd:

    Laird, Ross D to Toriello, Margaret, $30,000.

    19 Chidley Way:

    R&N Holdings Co LLC to Pelletier, Alexander N & Pelletier, Nina C, $85,000.

    372 Colonel Ledyard Hwy:

    Cheshire Dee C Est & Fillion, Tracy to Gaitan, Alirio & Leon-Pardo, Martha J, $300,000.

    2 Patricia Ct:

    Marcoux, Tyler C & Marcoux, Denisha J to Smith, Alexis & Smith, Evan, $285,000.

    12 Quakertown Mdw:

    Giroux, Gregory F & Giroux, Catherine E to Degroft, Kevin S & Degroft, Rebekah K, $420,000.

    1529 Route 12:

    Rita Leighton Barz RET & Brouwer, Janise to JB Cubed LLC, $205,000.

    1742 Route 12 #1A:

    America, Alison to Collins, Bobby, $137,000.

    132 Stoddards Wharf Rd:

    Fixit 22 LLC to Carlson Jr, John V & Carlson, Colby, $335,000.

    32 Terry Rd:

    Dimmer, Christopher to Kirkland, Daniel M & Kirkland, Priscilla L, $300,000.


    11 Autumn View Dr:

    Manning, Normand C to Tyler, Karen, $150,000.


    80 Lake Dr:

    Word, Benjamin P & Word, Naomi M to Thomas, Dayne, $312,000.

    32 Linda Ave:

    Lashley, Tyler to Smith 2nd, Peter, $235,000.

    11 Mayo Ave:

    Ingino, Sean M & Ingino, Kaitlyn M to Michon, John & Mazzone, Deborah, $392,000.

    1567 Route 163:

    Palmer, Claudette M & Provost, Eugene J to Maynard Rd LLC, $240,000.

    New London

    Academy Hts #9:

    Crystal Hill LLC to Hansen, Samantha & Novitch, Adam, $275,000.

    266 Crystal Ave:

    Sawicki, Bernice A & American Advisors Group to American Advisors Group, $156,510.

    330 Crystal Ave #6:

    Crystal Hill LLC to Lawson, Benton D & Stanley, Laura M, $280,000.

    281 Gardner Ave #K3:

    Lester, Michael D to Clark, Briana, $110,000.

    30 Gorton St:

    Santiago, Patricia A to Hatter, Hannah, $175,000.

    Main St:

    Kennedy, David R to Henault, Tiffany, $56,000.

    143 Ocean Ave:

    Romero, Jose to Ortega, Luis S, $220,000.

    292 Pequot Ave #3G:

    Neilan, Edward B & Neilan, Linda R to Arnold, Lester J & Arnold, Sharon S, $112,550.

    41 Prest St:

    Bugbee, Jason L & Mish, Michael to Franco, Juan C, $145,000.

    22 Sunset St:

    Meyers, Dianna L & Meyers, William D to King, Gregory, $330,000.

    North Stonington

    Clarks Falls Rd:

    Dean, Sandra to Beechwood Properties LLC, $140,000.


    43 Flyers Dr:

    Deschamps, Carole O & Hallisey, Maryj to Deschamps, Carole O, $200,000.

    42 Hickory St:

    Ayala, Angel L to Morocho, Segundo J & Morocho, Luis A, $105,000.

    44 Hickory St:

    Ayala, Angel L to Morocho, Segundo J & Morocho, Luis A, $105,000.

    142 Mckinley Ave:

    Fakhoury, Yousef to Fakhoury, Yousef, $170,000.

    40 Oak St:

    USA HUD to Brinkerhoff, Katherine, $120,000.

    813 Old Pond Ln #813:

    Mashantucket, Pequot T to Lee, Merle & Morgan, Melvin, $120,000.

    142 Plain Hill Rd:

    Ciesluk, John to Caero, Kayla M & Caero, Thomas V, $350,000.

    15 Tanner Ave:

    Spittler, Michael to Kuliy, Volodymyr, $107,510.

    17 Trading Cove Cir #17:

    Nugent, Frances M to Guillen, Carmen, $206,500.

    27 Trading Cove Dr:

    Mccarthy, Loretta & Stroebel, Matthew K to Stroebel, Matthew K & Stroebel, Genevieve, $390,000.

    Old Lyme

    76 Buttonball Rd:

    Poirier, Mark to Smith, Jennifer M, $310,000.

    1 Huntley Rd:

    Lawrence&Memorial Hosp to Calcagni, Steven J & Machnik, Todd J, $610,000.

    29 Mccurdy Rd:

    Smith, Karen to Joan Christina Sharp RET & Sharp, Joan C, $825,000.

    272 Mile Creek Rd:

    Ward, Kent & Ward, Leah to Ward, Brennan F, $231,000.

    15 Neck Rd:

    Buy Or Sell Realty LLC to Weiss, Valerie J, $699,000.

    312 Saltaire Dr:

    Miles, Michael J to Miles, Geraldine, $66,000.

    312 Saltaire Dr:

    Slozak, Patricia M to Miles, Geraldine, $66,000.

    312 Saltaire Dr:

    Miles, Thomas to Miles, Geraldine, $66,000.

    312 Saltaire Dr:

    Ray, Mary T to Miles, Geraldine, $66,000.

    249 Whippoorwill Rd:

    Pinn, Edward F & Pinn, Linda S to Moran, Michael, $260,000.


    26 Highland St:

    Dimino, Jenifer to Hutchins, Alan E, $250,000.

    14 Old Norwich Rd:

    Bousquet, Barry E to Reilly, Joseph, $90,000.

    7 Plainview Dr:

    Sirois, Charles J to Sullivan, Sarah & Desrosiers, Aaron, $258,200.

    21 Snake Meadow Hill Rd:

    Labonte, Robert M to Lackey 3rd, George R, $525,000.

    37-A Starkweather Rd:

    Corson Charles W Jr Est & Corson 3rd, Charles W to Therrien, Steven & Therrien, Donna, $40,000.


    111 Middle Rd:

    Serra, John S to Serra, Michael T, $15,000.

    42 Pierce Rd:

    Mardin, George & Mardin, Joan to Brady, Ronnie, $50,000.

    240 Route 164:

    Belisle, Sandra B to Gauthier, Matthew & Gauthier, Jamie, $100,000.


    8 Pheasant Hill Rd:

    Pelletier, Wayne A & Pelletier, Linda J to Gulovsen, Caleb & Gulovsen, Ariel J, $315,000.

    328 Rattlesnake Ledge Rd:

    Nye, Karen G & Robinson, David B to Ferris, Heidi C & Ferris, Kevin, $200,000.


    Church St:

    Barnett, Nicole L to Brosnan, Jennifer E, $450,000.

    45 Jenks Rd:

    Tefft, Cornelia M & Tefft, Theron R to Cavalier, Theresa A & Haggerty, Howard H, $425,000.

    15 Old Greenwich Rd:

    Coelho Jr, Michael F to MLC Development LLC, $65,000.

    Pine Hill Rd:

    Coelho Jr, Michael F to MLC Development LLC, $65,000.

    910 Plainfield Pike:

    Barnett, Nicole L to Brosnan, Jennifer E, $450,000.

    505 Sterling Hill Rd:

    Fenner, Caitlin M to Lamica, Susan, $395,000.


    24 Castle Hill Rd:

    Chamberlain, Janice E to Munro, Paige, $551,000.

    4 Cowell Ct:

    Zart, David J & Jensen, Auson R to Cedermark, Hannah C & Cedermark, Craig L, $800,000.

    36 Hinckley St:

    Topkin, Sharon S to Kallinen, Marc, $450,000.

    257 River Rd #A43:

    Hand, Charles C & Hand, Kathryn A to Sherman Jr, Jeffrey A, $50,000.

    27 Riverside Dr:

    Ballou, Mark A & Ballou, Joyce M to CT Marine Prop LLC, $700,000.

    31 Riverside Dr:

    Ballou, Mark A & Ballou, Joyce M to Huysman, Martin F & Huysman, Any E, $1,300,000.


    8 Gun Shot Rd:

    Smith, Judy A to Ferro, Bernard J & Ferro, Janet I, $500,000.

    6 Latimer Ct:

    Ballestrini, Michael & Ballestrini, Alexandra to Taylor, David N & Taylor, Miwa T, $425,000.

    7 Louise St:

    Post Road 1 LLC to JBN Investments LLC, $650,000.

    63 Niantic River Rd:

    Debra Helene Hoffman RET & Kelly, Michele E to Burns, Elizabeth C & Burns Jr, David E, $355,000.

    171 Old Norwich Rd:

    Vasiliou, George A & Vasiliou, Danuta C to Spellman, Carlee M, $260,000.

    220 Pember Rd:

    Kross, Joan & Noble, John to Magnus Woods LLC, $50,000.

    2 Quinley Way:

    Evelyn A Popson T & Popson, Michael A to Mayer, David J & Mayer, Kristin L, $400,000.

    54 Rope Ferry Rd #F106:

    Chiappone Jr, Harry A to Henderson, Nikole, $210,000.

    64 Scotch Cap Rd #158:

    Welch, Michael J & Stockford, Shelby L to Ladipo, Esther, $330,000.

    49 Summer St:

    Touchette, Mark to Charles, Shawn, $355,000.

    3 Vivian Ct:

    Hernandez, Emma & Hernandez, Rafael A to Falcon, Julyano, $275,000.

    70 Vivian St:

    Garris, Robert M & Garris, Cindy M to Belisle, Bradley L & Belisle, Katelin S, $379,250.

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