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    Wednesday, February 21, 2024

    Property Transactions 05-12-23


    14 Greenwich Pl: North Pond Homes LLC to Fereno, Steven & Fereno, Samantha, $705,000.

    23 Jordan Ln: Niantic Bay Group LLC to Sarwar, Zeshan, $413,350.

    271 Parum Rd: Rmd Land Development LLC & Gagnon, Robert M to Brown, Stacey, $265,000.


    178 Boston Post Rd: Woods, Bruce A to Tessicini, Mark & Tessicini, Susanne, $345,000.

    9 Cardinal Rd: Dias, Joao M & Dias, Ann M to Garfi, Shane & Garfi, Shayna, $555,000.

    Propoxed Rd: Yuhas John W Est & Yuhas, Cathy J to Beaudry, Christopher, $340,500.

    7 Thistledown Ln #7: Wassung Mary W Est & Cellemme, Pamela L to Macaluso, Paul & Macaluso, Alexandra, $449,000.

    31 W Main St #C2: Littlefield Va E Est & Diglovanna, Sheryl L to Willett, Erva, $265,000.


    6 Birgeville Ct: Gullickson John Est & Gullickson, Bryan J to Gullickson, John, $282,800.

    86 Buddington Rd #6: Evered, June I to Clark, Kyle & Clark, David, $179,000.

    20 Hillside Ave: Vrmtg Asse T & Us Bank Na Tr to Spooner, Richard C & Spooner, Stacey E, $380,000.

    68 Hynes Ave: Dollard, Patrick J & Dollard, Judith A to Kellam, James & Kellam, Sarah, $230,000.

    N/A: Yentz, Conner & Yentz, Jessica to Bottini, Brian T, $381,000.

    N/A: Carr, Wendy to Leonetti, Gregory & Leonetti, Julia C, $835,000.

    N/A: Lockett, Bryan J & Lockett, Elena L to Pearl Street Capital LLC, $1,190,000.


    Lake Williams Campground #41: Lake Williams Campground to Johns, Edmund & Johns, Lynn, $45,000.

    263 Mccall Rd: My Mansions LLC to Galarza, Brittany, $315,000.


    39 Barry Dr: Feaster, Arnold N to Morrissey Enterprises LLC, $175,000.

    7 Chestnut Ln: Ledyard Town Of & Agolio, Ginny L to Pacciuco LLC, $150,000.

    1538 Route 12 #C27: Pan, Guoping to Tramont, Kristopher J, $120,000.

    1554 Route 12: Feia, Sean & Feia, Shaina to Barbieri, Mark C & Barbieri, Renee M, $345,000.


    19 Greystone Dr: Lakeview Loan Servicing L to Chaudry Capital LLC, $373,348.

    178 Kitemaug Rd: Jarvis, Amber L to Scruggs, Darren & Scruggs, Theresa, $299,000.

    192 Kitemaug Rd: Morse, Brandon J & Morse, Noel M to Jarvis, Amber L, $282,000.

    3 Walnut Dr #C: He, Can R to Golart, Lucas S, $135,000.

    109 Wildwood Ln: Caballero, Jan & Caballero, Andrea N to Silva, Enrique R & Perez, Joanna, $295,000.

    N/A: Urban, Stephan J to Ching, Kwok & Ching, Gin, $190,000.


    48 Dell Ave: Murphy Roseanne Est & Gager, Sarah E to Market Equities Grp LLC, $208,888.

    52 Farmington Ave: Hb2 Alternative Hldg LLC to Wiley, David, $230,000.

    281 Gardner Ave #J3: Trachishina Liyya Est & Trachishin, Aleksandr to Vasiliou, Veronica L, $130,500.

    123 Jefferson Ave: Mendez, Victor H to Rumaldo Sr, Elvinson M, $344,000.

    245 Montauk Ave: Pollock, Boontrika to Market Equities Grp LLC, $250,000.

    503 Montauk Ave: Zingus, Chris J to Hartman, Hansel & Hartman, Pamela, $355,000.

    2 Moore Ct: Deedy Construction Co to New London Prop LLC, $165,000.

    23 Penny Ln: Hapis Catherine Est & Hapis, James G to Mellon, Josie & Mellon, William M, $322,500.

    22 Viets St: Paucar LLC to Strollo, Matthew, $260,600.


    156 Norwich Westerly Rd: Bushwack, Ingrid to 343 LLC, $38,000.

    Rocky Hollow Rd: York Jr, Varian B to Magnant, Ashley E, $200,000.

    132 Wyassup Rd: Louis V Buckley RET & Buckley, Louis V to Oien, James, $306,000.


    182 Case St: Oconnell Richard J Est & Gross, Kerry to Phoenix Property Holdings, $200,000.

    21 Gifford St: Wawrzynowicz, Diana to Gambeski, Noreen & Dewey, Judith, $60,700.

    40 Hickory St: Secy Of Hud to Labonte, Jessica, $150,000.

    17-R Hillcrest St #A: Chang, Cheng L & Song, Xiao M to Perez, Andrea, $154,900.

    76 Laurel Hill Ave: Perkins, Elaine A & Perkins, Maloyid J to Trebiug Properties LLC, $150,000.

    Old Canterbury Tpke: Amoroso, Kathleen T to Kei Consultants LLC, $45,000.

    1411 Old Pond Ln #1411: Mashantucket Pequot Tribe to Brown, Laura, $135,000.

    77 Woodmansee Ave: Beechwood Properties LLC to Barcomb, Aja, $245,000.


    5 Davis Rd E: Bgp Developers LLC to Davis Road Management LLC, $1,500,000.

    41 Rowland Rd: Wells Fargo Bank Na & Ouellette, Kimberly A to Wells Fargo Bank Na, $339,450.


    22-24 Atwood Ln: Fascio Jr, Donald R to Epifani Construction LLC, $123,512.

    32-44 Norwich Rd: Origen Capital Investment & Swede LLC to Vasquez, Natasha, $331,000.


    Park Dr: Macdonald, Daniel C & Kolodziejczak, Nicole to Koniecko, Nathaniel & Koniecko, Melissa, $215,000.

    15 Pearl St: Spencer, Richard J & Spencer, Brenda G to Seda, Kristen E, $257,000.


    129 Main St: Boothe Investments LLC to Obrien, Crystal L & Obrien, Thomas J, $250,000.


    Johnson St: Dripping F Ranch LLC to Beaudoin, Matthew T & Beaudoin, Jill L, $250,000.

    224 Lantern Hill Rd: Schalla Irene K Est & Grenger, Ellin M to Sylvestre, Alan J & Sylvestre, Tanya L, $133,748.

    4 Northwest St: Brown, Stillman to Tischofer, Susan M, $40,000.

    61 Stewart Rd: Johnston, Susan G to Holt, Jeffrey, $294,000.


    310 Boston Post Rd #10: Chen, En D & Xiao, Chun L to Hong, Thomas, $265,000.

    91 Miner Ln: Cascio, Jeffrey P to Chadwick, Jesse, $40,000.

    7 Pennicott Rd: Virginia C Smith RET & Leavitt, Elizabeth A to Gomes, Donna L, $328,410.

    54 Rope Ferry Rd #A3: Ronald A Hiscox RET & Griffiths, Linda to Rubenstein, Richard, $219,900.

    12 Tremont St: Rowland Kenneth W Est & Phillips, Shane to Twin Lake Development LLC, $216,000.

    Westwood Ests #21: Corrado Jr, Charles N & Corrado, Sandra L to Varvatos, Mary, $830,000.

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