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    Sunday, May 26, 2024

    Property Transactions 05-19-23


    25 Hoopers Ln: Ohar, Kevin R & Musa, Jamie S to Lapointe, Kyle R & Redmond, Emily J, $360,000.


    52 Kramer Rd: Testa Dev Associates LLC to Estrada, Demitria, $720,000.

    52 Kramer Rd: Chestnut Hill Dev LLC to Testa Dev Associates LLC, $65,000.

    20 Oak Leaf Dr: Moroch, Philip J to Royer, Sydney L & Royer, James A, $360,000.

    349 Shailor Hill Rd: Lagana, Vincent to Tuomi, Alyssa & Ellio, Derek, $469,000.

    80 Van Cedarfield Rd: Cerda, James A & Cerda, Juliannie to Coca, Amanda, $350,000.


    86 Longwood Dr: Dente, Sarah C to Bouley, Adam, $215,000.


    148 Mathewson St #309: Folly Brook Prop LLC to Britt, Cynthia D, $185,000.

    Richardson Hill Rd: Reo T2021 Nr2 to Koniecko, Nathanial & Koniecko, Melissa, $181,600.


    6 Crescent St: Brown Raymond Partnership to Raymond, Jennifer C & Raymond, Mark K, $440,000.

    55 Crown Knoll Ct #90: Felipe, Jhadyne to Moriarty, Jack, $190,000.

    77 Midway Oval: Cil Properties Inc to Sect Support LLC, $480,643.

    147 Midway Oval: Talaba Richard S Est & Talaba, Mark A to Harris Jr, Daniel V & Sutton, Rori L, $130,000.

    188 Midway Oval: Toledo, Mario to Toledo, Limuel, $116,500.

    107 Pamela Ave: Badillo, Javier A to Speer, Caroleen D & Delaney, Gary J, $350,000.

    352 Poquonnock Rd: Darrow, Arthur L & Darrow, Rosanne to Sargent, Michael J & Sargent, Kelly M, $50,000.

    31 Saint Joseph Ct: Royce, Daniel J & Royce, Karen L to Clark, Dyllan F & Baez, Katelyn, $268,000.

    10 Sharon Rd: Kbr Construction LLC to Westervelt, Jacob P, $391,500.

    67 South Rd: Clark, Solomon to Kezer, Paul, $180,000.


    34 Lakewood Dr: Young, Jason & Young, Coleen M to Marra, Thomas & Marra, Jayne A, $398,000.


    5 Colby Dr: Comrie, Winston A to Kineo Properties LLC, $65,000.

    800 Long Cove Rd: Gebco Contracting LLC to Moscol Realty LLC, $247,500.

    15 Overlook Rd: Purwinis Stanley B Est & Purwinis, Thomas to Le Campion, Andrew A, $315,000.

    7 Saint Peters Ct: Hanover Ft & Hanover, Greg A to Craigie, Camden & Craigie, Samantha L, $460,000.

    84 Silas Deane Rd: Mauro Pierucci Lt & Pierucci, Mauro to 84 Silas Deane LLC, $225,000.

    85 Vinegar Hill Rd: R & N Hld Company LLC to Truncali, Frank & Truncali, Carly, $80,000.


    192 Kimball Rd: Currier, Merrick T to Common Good Re LLC, $95,000.


    61-A Cottage Rd: Saint Thomas More School to Schmidt, Steven W & Schmidt, Margaret W, $400,000.

    105 Fitch Hill Rd: Glover Jolanthe K Est & Glover, Jamie I to Marantz, Melinda & Marantz, Derek, $286,000.

    142 Kitemaug Rd: One World Ventures LLC to Stevens, Aaron M & Stevens, Keely A, $325,000.

    159 Maple Ave: Twin Lake Development LLC to Satchwill, Richard & Satchwill, Ronnie, $280,000.

    32 Martin Ct: Lamoureux Catherine L Est & Dziekan, Sharon M to Robinson Jr, John T & Dunn, Devin, $200,000.

    19 Mcintosh Ave: Caron, William P to William, Patrick, $187,500.

    9 Salt Box Ln: Evans, Jason K to Aspinwall, Justin N, $300,000.

    63 Woodland Dr: Stefano, Barbara A to Brackett, Andrew, $465,000.


    38 Coit St: All In One Ent LLC to Southeastern Council On A, $245,000.

    140 Connecticut Ave: Cil Properties Inc to Sect Supports LLC, $2,565,771.

    302 Crystal Ave: Robinson, Dawn to Grigorash, Pavel, $201,000.

    55 Denison Ave: Cil Properties Inc to Sect Supports LLC, $2,565,771.

    101 Federal St: Ramos, Ivan A to Ellcome, Benjamin, $119,000.

    32 Fuller St: Cil Properties Inc to Sect Supports LLC, $2,565,771.

    40 Fuller St: Cil Properties Inc to Sect Supports LLC, $2,565,771.

    281 Gardner Ave #B3: Moran, Diana to Kushe, Erdi, $133,000.

    10 Georgiana St: Cil Properties Inc to Sect Supports LLC, $2,565,771.

    144 Hempstead St: Thompson William A Est & Guinan, Kathryn D to Eastern Ct Hsng Opportuni, $175,000.

    643 Ocean Ave: Kosloff, Gail H & Pumerantz, Robert G to Casey, Caitlyn M & Casey, Treasa E, $275,000.

    263 Willetts Ave: Toner, Cassiopeia to Smith, Daniel R, $240,000.

    29 Williams St: Cil Properties Inc to Sect Supports LLC, $2,565,771.


    36 Cedars Rd: Crane, Chad & Crane, Shannon M to Coffey, Michael, $376,063.

    204 Clarks Falls Rd: Beechwood Properties LLC to Cooley, Jason, $326,000.

    391 Cossaduck Hill Rd: Burdick, Michael & Burdick, Dorothy to Deledda, Scot, $60,000.

    142 Denison Hill Rd: Haines, Michael J & Haines, Linda M to Atnode, Isabelle & Levitsky, Frank C, $525,000.

    29 Kingswood Dr: Presby, Justin to Cintron, Taylor & Ranz, Sean, $395,000.

    82 Stillman Rd: Millar 2nd, William A to Collins, Kristen & Collins, Keith, $420,000.


    15 Avery St: Cil Properties Inc to Sect Supports LLC, $1,146,060.

    358 Hamilton Ave #16: Witter, Kevin to Garcia, Abimael, $149,000.

    48 Hinckley St: Belanger, David B to Belanger, Melissa, $30,000.

    11 Huntington Pl: Gagne, Catherine A & Us Bank TNa Tr to Bellamy, Christopher, $203,700.

    7 John St: 205 W Parmenter LLC to Bowser, Jason, $174,000.

    12 N A St: Birch And Cherry LLC to Koziol, Jeremy D, $238,654.

    53 Peck St: Cil Properties Inc to Sect Supports LLC, $1,146,060.

    385 Scotland Rd: Grant, Reilly & Grant, Keri L to Brown, Christopher J, $358,700.

    15 Stone Cliff Ln: Chombor, Josef D & Chombor, Elizabeth to Vandenberg, Peter & Vandenberg, Joseane B, $322,500.

    33 Woods Dr #33: Swinehart, Benjamin S to Norwich Woods LLC, $165,000.

    45 Yerrington Ave: Moriarty, Mason to Taylor, Sarah N, $236,000.


    Buttonball Rd #3: Reagan Homes LLC to Joseph, Michael & Joseph, Kelly, $275,000.

    Buttonball Rd: Black Hall Woods LLC to Greenscape Development LL, $1,204,000.

    Buttonball Rd: Reagan Homes LLC to Robertson, Alan & Robertson, Deborah, $275,000.

    Gorton Ave: R & L Keller Lt & Keller, Robert J to Tralongo, Valerie G, $475,000.


    30-32 2nd St: Mccollum, Heather E to Austin, Jonathan, $260,000.

    45 Main St #106: Roberts, Pamela T to Colucci, Andrew D, $215,000.

    51 May St: Fast Funding Associates L to Foster, John Z, $201,000.

    100 Norwich Rd: Mercier, Jesse to Tmc Keywest LLC, $430,000.

    29 Pickett Rd: Richmond Earl L Jr Est & Bellavance, Joyce to Leroy, Guillaume, $95,000.

    394 Starkweather Rd: Dakota Construction LLC to Pendergast Construction L, $58,000.


    113 Route 2A: Moneypnenny, Colleen L to Colette, Lola G, $240,000.


    326 Margaret Henry Rd: Ernest C Trefz RET & Treez, Christian C to Very Holdings LLC, $120,026.

    326 Margaret Henry Rd: Christian J Trefz RET & Treez, Christian J to Very Holdings LLC, $120,026.

    326 Margaret Henry Rd: Njacobson, Linda to Very Holdings LLC, $60,013.


    2 Aimee Dr: Donahue, Colin T to Lewis, Ernest J & Lewis, Lisa A, $430,000.

    8 Golden Rd: Butten Elaine M Est & Becik, Deanna K to Gardiner, Thomas, $265,000.

    5 Hillside Ave: Center, Todd J & Center, Cheryl to Kudelchuk, Joelene, $250,000.

    210 Liberty St: Marsh, Melissa J to Hoitt, Brian D, $60,000.

    Main St: Page, Jessica R to School Place Prop LLC, $180,000.

    24 Main St (Old Mysti: Haring, Maria V to Falcone Jr, Joseph R, $350,000.

    36 Orchard St: Park 3rd, Howard G & Park, Rieta P to Taylor, Brian A & Taylor, Barbara B, $825,000.

    30 Palmer St: Lucy Richard J Est & Lucy, James S to Witte, Victoria R, $290,000.

    18 S Broad St: M Brito, Juan I to Gao, Grace Y & Mei, Eugene, $402,000.

    School House Rd: Masons Island Co to Masons 17 Ct LLC, $3,900,000.

    23 Shea Dr: Dong, Su P to Gordley, Scott & Dube, Debi, $646,800.

    945 Stonington Rd: Cmiel, Richard to Claffey, Michelle, $756,500.

    27 W Arch St: Chapman, Lloyd W & Chapman, Lisa A to Stedman Jr, Harold W & Stedman, Cheryl, $367,000.


    348 Boston Post Rd #C15: Marks, Roseann to Ryder, Kayleigh A, $220,000.

    7 Glenwood Rd: Richards Gloria M Est & Richards, Daniel J to Richards, Daniel J & Richards, Deborah A, $150,000.

    65 Great Neck Rd: Dubreuil, Roy A & Dubreuil, Irene D to Bernard J Breen Trist & Breen, Bernard J, $535,000.

    15 Highland Dr: Lavariere, Georgamari & Waterford Town Of to Pacciuco LLC, $100,000.

    31 Monroe St: Crompton, James to Pedroza, Bladimir, $105,000.

    59 Norwich Rd: Hewitt, Marie & Hewitt, Carl D to 59 Norwich Rd LLC, $285,000.

    20 Quarry Rd: Lewis, Bobby R & Waterford Town Of to Hamilton, Nelson, $205,000.

    4 Village Dr: O & Chun Desiderato Ft & Tibbals, Mary C to Kasse, Erek A & Kasse, Cora C, $555,000.

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