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    Real Estate
    Saturday, April 20, 2024

    Property Transactions 01-19-24


    Case Pl: Adams, Jerauld C to Ohara, William & Ohara, Maureen E, $20,000.


    7 Coco Dr: J Williams Estates LLC to Deal, Joseph E & Deal, Sandra L, $435,000.

    64 Fern Dr: Wolicka Jr, Paul N to Desmond, Thomas & Bacewicz, Amanda, $225,000.

    38 Jordan Ln: Niantic Bay Group LLC to Agreda, Abigail & Rosano, Anthony, $501,325.


    3 Atwood Dr: Stevenson Phyllis A Est & Folino, Angela to Stevenson, Robert F & Stevenson, Anna, $318,250.

    9 Beach Ave: Phelan, Laura M to Nilsen, Susan G, $225,000.

    4 Cavasin Dr: Koukoularis, Olivia J & Koukoularis, Dimitrios E to Cusson, Emily B & Arcouette, Brett R, $500,000.

    89 Chesterfield Rd: Fish, Ian H & Fuentes, Heather to Hart, Diane, $418,000.

    Dodgetown #53: Augusto, Donna B & Augusto, Jose F to Concannon, Claire & Abbey, Matthew R, $229,900.

    4 Hickory Ct: Bonnie J Kenyon T & Kenyon, Julie A to Wolfradt, Justin & Wolfradt, Brittany, $888,000.

    18 Johnny Cake Rd: Blette, Sean C to Watson, Christine M & Willette Sr, Donald, $278,000.

    11 King Arthur Dr #3D: Platinum Prop & Dev LLC to Mercaldi, Alyssa, $225,000.

    15 Maplewood Dr: Mercer, Marie L to Meyer, Douglas P & Meyer, Mitzi D, $410,000.

    74 Old Black Point Rd: Ames, Donald F & Ames, Ruth E to Powers, Peter G, $480,000.

    5 Wayne Dr: Trowbridge, Jeannette to Healy, Sandra T & Healy, Robert E, $100,500.

    15 York Ave: Birk, Norman to Caulkins Jr, Richard C & Caulkins, Althea, $390,000.


    20 Richardson Hill Rd: Price, Jonathan to Eaton, Colin, $295,000.


    57 Crown Knoll Ct #72: Smith, J D to Wilson, Carly N, $175,000.

    60 Forest St: Mariani, Paul V to Giachello Jr, John, $393,000.

    2590 Gold Star Hwy #107: Bilyak, Dianne to Stavinsky, Larry & Fraatz, Florence, $241,000.

    110 Leafwood Ln #193: Drozd, John W to Kelley, Linda N, $160,000.


    785 Beaumont Hwy: Carnese, Gregory P & Wells Fargo Bank Na to Spagnoletti, Cara, $230,000.

    544 Goshen Hill Rd: Pacucci Necker T & Pascucci, William M to Grondin, Patricia, $430,000.

    41 York Rd: Gebbie, Priscilla S to Mccarthy, Billie S, $415,000.

    41 York Rd: Szajda Jon P Est & Gebbie, Priscilla S to Mccarthy, Billie S, $415,000.


    39 Barry Dr: Morrissey Ent LLC to Antonino, Amanda & Canbolat, Sercan, $400,000.

    10 Chatham Berwick: Nowak, Chad C to Sawicki Jr, Frank, $370,000.

    44 Michael Ln: Mrazik Jr, Alexander R to Nay, Jerry A, $300,000.

    13 Nugget Hill Dr: Fricano, Fred N to Butler, Jerry & Butler, Chole, $370,000.

    450 Pumpkin Hill Rd: Keach, Walter to Brown, Vanessa, $309,000.

    36 Robinwood Dr: Murphy, Colleen S & Conway Sr, Andrew C to Mcnicholas, Kathryn S & Mcnicholas, Matthew J, $485,000.

    121-A Whalehead Rd: Coen, Mark C to Tripp, Chelsea, $246,000.


    28-A Ethel Acres: Klauer, Paul S to Paradiso, Graig, $532,500.

    314 Ross Hill Rd: Sadowski, Carol & Sadowski, Robert A to Baxter, Kyle W & Donahue, Sara A, $350,000.


    123 Pollys Ln: Keeney, Teresa to Bennett, Dustin, $228,000.

    72 Route 82: Redman, Joyce A to Good Life Prop Group LLC, $175,000.


    22 Alger Pl: Sec Of Hsng & Urban Dev O to Alvarez, Karina, $260,000.

    37 Crest St: Winmer Management LLC to Gleason, Edward K & Gleason, Kelly A, $255,070.

    354 Jefferson Ave: Terras, Hatina C to Punce, Rosa V & Zhicay, Miguel A, $250,000.

    93 Nameaug Ave: Tyree, Edward E & Tyree, Sabrina L to Ferro, Nicholas A, $210,000.

    16 Starr St: Wilson Jr, Thomas R to Alvarez, Jessica, $380,000.

    86 Truman St: 227 Jefferson Avenue LLC to Mision New London Chrch I, $305,000.


    2 Barnes St: Vendola, Richard to Lopes, Maria, $34,000.

    403 Canterbury Tpke: Barber Dolores M Est & Worski, Doreen to Worski, Doreen & Okeefe, John T, $35,000.

    505 New London Tpke: Transatlantic I LLC to Panther Dev Norwich LLC, $450,000.

    507 New London Tpke: Transatlantic I LLC to Panther Dev Norwich LLC, $450,000.


    Flat Rock Hill Rd #2: Mccarthy, Elizabeth B & Mccarthy Jr, Michael D to Murdy, Benjamin, $90,000.

    37 Gorton Ave: Marques, Oscar & Marques, Cecilia to Lesniak, Mary & Lesniak, Kevin, $400,000.

    22 Sunset Dr: Rja Const LLC to Russell, Robert G, $100,000.


    75 Cranska Rd: Vertefeuille, Steven J to Ayr Properties Sep LLC, $95,000.

    279 Pond Hill Rd: United States Of America & Herbert, Ronald M to Demarco, Carla D & Demarco, Rick, $180,000.


    720 Old Colchester Rd: Grondin, Patricia A to Miller, Morgan R & Mcnamara, Christopher R, $410,000.


    6 Julians Cir: Sterling Hls Dev Corp LLC to Miller, Christopher W, $319,900.


    Clipper Point Rd: Ziegler, Frederick G & Ziegler, Patricia A to Brown, Kim & Brown 3rd, Allyn L, $1,470,000.

    129 Cove Rd: Marjorie Kimball Lt & Goodwin, Beth E to Goodwin, Jeffrey R, $440,000.

    Elm Ridge Rd: Pancaro, Antoinette to Maher, William F, $325,000.

    260 Flanders Rd: Mehta, Uday S to Palmer, Ethan B, $370,000.

    320 Liberty St: Lassell, Carl H & Lassell, Dominique to Sq Peg Round Hole 320 LLC, $455,000.

    5 Marlin Dr: Ilda C V Dasilva T & Julio, Joseph D to Fischbach, Katie L, $350,000.

    132 Mistuxet Ave: Cole, Stuart G to Plourde, Haley & Leblanc, Thibaud, $395,000.

    291 N Stonington Rd: Marshall, Kathleen S to Groom, Mallory H, $285,000.

    77 Nautilus Way: Eg Shoreline 1 LLC to Cook, Thomas & Cook, Spencer, $1,048,350.

    257 River Rd #A6: Ann W Farley T & Johnson, Kristin to Backiel, Matthew & Backiel, Amy, $30,000.

    6 School House Rd #6-14: Masons 17 Ct LLC to Woznyk, Michael & Woznyk, Kimberly, $642,500.

    6 School St (Mysti #15: Knott, Kenneth to Stowell, Elizabeth M, $511,000.

    445 Wheeler Rd: Melissa Sitbon Ft & Sitbon, Larry to Webb, Richard F & Webb, Leigh H, $1,925,000.

    60 Willow St #202: 60 Willow Street LLC to Lee Martin Prop LLC, $795,000.


    Albacore Dr: Marino Alvera S Est & Lipinski, Karen M to Bailey, Jody S & Bailey 2nd, Eric H, $401,000.

    368 Boston Post Rd: 368 Boston Post Rd LLC to Maxum Realty Group LLC, $427,500.

    221 Butlertown Rd: Welsh Jr, Robert I to Mastrandrea, Patricia A, $134,204.

    35 Meadow Dr: Liu, Bo & Zhu, Yi to Gusak, Maksym, $360,000.

    66 Shore Dr: Hagar George Est & Gregory, Cassandra to Lalima, Mark A & Lalima, Barbara J, $395,000.

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