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CuriousCT - Ask The Day

At The Day, we strive to cover stories our readers care about. Now, through our new project Curious CT, we're making it easier for you to tell us what you want to know about people, places and issues in southeastern Connecticut. All you have to do is submit your question in the form below.

Not sure what to ask? You can ask questions big or small, such as: "Who's the biggest taxpayer in Groton?" or "How often do legislators travel outside of Connecticut for work?" or "What's the average wait time at the local DMV?"

After each submission period, we'll select a few questions and kick it back to you, the readers, to vote on your favorite. Once a winner is selected by reader votes, we'll contact the person who submitted the winning question to be part of the reporting process, if they so desire. Then we'll report back what we learn. This could be in a story, a podcast, a video or a combination.

Our next CuriousCT stories:

We are currently working on our next CuriousCT story based on the following question:

   Are there known and active white supremacist groups in southeastern Connecticut?


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