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How to Write the Perfect Cover Letter

Your cover letter is typically the first impression you make with the hiring manager, so you'll want to put in the effort necessary to get it right. We spoke to some job search experts to find out what you need to know to write the perfect cover letter.


4 secrets of writing a short, sweet and successful resume

Whether you're just about to leave your first job or making your 10th career transition, chances are your resume could use some editing. Recruiters and hiring managers receive a staggering number of resumes for each job posted. The ones that grab their attention are often short and simple -- and convey candidates' value immediately.


Why You Keep Falling Short In Job Interviews

Could one of these five fatal mistakes be keeping you from landing a job? If youíre being called in for interviews but canít quite seem to land a job, itís time to take a look at what might be holding you back. Here are some ways you might be falling short in job interviews.