NL firefighters do an excellent job

The subject of laying off firefighters in New London has raised two interesting issues.

Lay off 25 firefighters and 10 police officers and save almost the same amount of money? This is shocking to say the least.

In most cities there is at least some reasonable parity (not equal, but reasonable) between police and firefighters. Obviously, this is not the case in New London.

The numbers are not even close. We are talking 2.5 to 1. Either the numbers provided by The Day are wrong or something is very messed up.

The NLFD provides high quality fire and EMS protection that should be appreciated by New London residents.

Over the last 40 years the New London Fire Department has become a very respectable fire department and to see the city destroy it is a shame. Just in the last few months they have made some great saves.

Give credit to what Chief Ron Samul has done. Do not destroy a great fire department. They do an incredible job with very limited manpower.

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