Murphy will protect rights of women

In case you hadn't noticed the all out assault on women during the last session of Congress, surely this election has made it clear: there is an unprecedented effort underway to roll back time, particularly in the area of women's health. And the playing loose with the truth about which Republican candidates seem to have no compunction clearly demonstrates that they really aren't dictated by fact-checkers.

Case in point: Linda McMahon. Because she sees it as politically expedient, she wants voters in Connecticut to believe that she is pro-choice. Nothing could be further from the truth. She is, in fact, in lockstep with the extremists in Congress and, if elected, could be devastating to our civil rights.

I whole-heartedly believe that Chris Murphy will be the strongest advocate for us in the U.S. Senate. Murphy fights for equal pay, for extended access to care, for the right to choose. Linda has degraded women as CEO of WWE and now would like to deny access to essential care for her own gender. A woman who does not support her fellow women's rights? Linda McMahon, for shame!

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