Tea Party destroying the U.S. middle class

We should insist the "Tea Party" change its name to the "Capitalist Party". They have accomplished more to cripple our economy, in a few years, then the communist unscrupulously tried to do for decades. They are responsible for lack of government action on such things as infrastructure improvements and immigration reform, both of which would help our economy. They are, however, for tax breaks for the wealthy, making the rich, richer.

They have done more to separate our society into the have and have nots. They have shrunk the middle class, and enlarged the poor population.

They are funded by the richest and are elected by a gerrymandered population that represent a minority. They do not pass any laws except for the pork for their contributors, and to benefit themselves, especially when the government pays their expenses, such as airfare home.

We should vote these anti-governmentalists out of office in the primaries. We should also stop listening to the media, which makes money from their self-serving propaganda.

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