God help New London when Adamowski's done

Windham's Special School Master Steven Adamowski deserves recognition for the following:

1) for a rapid decline of test scores; 2) for his salary and benefits approaching $750,000; 3) for a shrinking enrollment at WHS to 650 this past Spring, in a school that can accommodate more than 1,500; 4) for increasing the number of administrators; 5) for changing Windham into a forthcoming two-year turnaround faculty of Teach for America; 6) for eliminating program leaders; 7) for his above-the-law approach; 8) for a top-down master's managerial system; 9) for closing the achievement gap by outsourcing the richer students; 10) for turning WHS into a model of segregation; 11) for trivializing student-teacher-parent input; 12) for hiring out-of-town secretarial personnel; 13) for focusing on Chinese language; 14) for eliminating programs for students with behavioral issues; 15) for dumping meaningful support for bilingual and English language learners behind the imagery of "bilingual support;" 16) for curriculum confusion for STEM and Humanities and Arts academies at WHS; 17) for zombie-like morale 18) for eliminating the Connections Program at WHS and the Green Team at WMS; 19) for drill-and-kill thought; 20) etc.

My prayers and condolences to the New London schools.

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