Church and evolution can comfortably coexist

In response to, "Evolutionists sleep in on Sunday mornings," (April 4), I'd like to correct several mis impressions. Even the question of whether the tree or the seed came first betrays a lack of understanding of evolution. The short answer is that seedless trees came first, then trees with seeds, which had greater adaptability and resistance.

As for "Sunday mornings," it's too bad the writer hasn't had a conversation with the many faithful who see no barrier between science and the divine.

Indeed, there are millions of church and synagogue goers who find evolution not only logical but spiritually uplifting. There are those of us who see that we are all evolved from the same stardust (carbon, calcium, iron), and that the force of the divine comes to us from within the natural universe, joining us in the interdependent web of all existence of which we are a part.

As for the oft-stated notion that evolution is "just a theory" - note what happens when you switch on the lights. One of our most reliable sources of electricity is nuclear power, yet (poor Einstein!) - his theory of relativity remains only a theory!

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