More on Ledyard's cuts ... and the shift

Idle Thoughts, while waiting for less of Mel Kiper Jr., more of Doc Emrick and for more destitute taxpayers with their 90-inch flat screens to cut more high school sports:

• Mr. Idle, Mr. I to his close friends, would like to congratulate everyone in Ledyard for cutting freshman soccer, golf and swimming.

Bet that must amount to, what, seven dollars?

Great town over there.

Let's see:

Do the NIMBY act (Not In My Back Yard) for years. Check.

Refuse to allow businesses to move in to create a solid tax base. Check.

Act like someone urinated on their front lawns at the idea - oh, the humanity! - that taxes might have to increase. Check.

Show up en masse armed with moral outrage. Check.

And ultimately take it out on the kids. Check.

Always the kids.

• How did baseball survive all those years without teams shifting infielders for .210 hitters?

• Mr. I's pal Joe Panza, formerly of Old Lyme, sends this along from his new digs in Colorado, where "Rocky Mountain High" has new meaning:

"The Avalanche should be looking to acquire the Minnesota Wild's Clayton Stoner. Think about it: Colorado Stoner! What a PR edge that'd be for the state and the team. Just proposing."

This is why we miss Joe desperately here.

• Reader comment of the week comes from someone named "Magoo," who was chafed at Mr. I's pithy column on the cheapies in Ledyard last week.

This is the comment verbatim: "Mikey, stick to calling plays at a football game .. Your ignorance about what goes on in Ledyard is displayed promimently on your ignorant forehead. Who the hell do u think you are?..The pauper here is you...Maybe not for lack of money but definetly for lack of BRAINS and INTEGRETY."


Sure doesn't seem as though Magoo is about to appear on Jeopardy saying, "I'll take spelling for 200, Alex."

• Note to the Connecticut Sun:

Now that Katie Douglas is back, can we get Lindsay back, too?

What, Mr. I can't ask?

• Mr. I gives up the podium for a moment and calls on Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs (and Jackson Browne) for a message to Kevin Ollie:

Oh, won't you stay

Just a little bit longer?

Oh please, please stay

Just a little bit more.

• Congrats to Mr. I's favorite wrestler, Jacob Caskey, from Montville High.

Jake has accepted an athletic scholarship and has committed to Briarcliff University in Iowa.

He's the kid who wrestled most of the postseason with a broken nose.

• Note to the 99 Restaurant:

Thanks for the offer. You know. Kids eat free when the Red Sox win.

Mr. I will pay for Little I's dinner, nonetheless.

• So let's see:

Is Mr. I going to listen to media criticism of the Giants' first-round pick, Odell Beckham Jr.?

Or trust Jerry Reese, who has only won two Super Bowls?


(Although Mr. I must admit he wasn't aware there was an Odell Beckham Sr.)

• Congrats to Shabazz Napier, who is about to graduate from UConn.

• Yes, there is truth to the rumor Mr. I might be going soft on the Patriots after this tweet:

"The Patriots have drafted 23 players from Boston College, more than any other school."

• In case you missed it:

Our guy John Sterling's home run call for Rookie of the Year Yangervis Solarte goes:

"Never nervous Yangervis." Then John sings "Solarte" to the tune of "Volare."

Who's better than John?

Nobody. That's who.

This is the opinion of Day sports columnist Mike DiMauro.


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