Day editorial misses boat on what's wrong

"Something’s very wrong.”

That was the title of The Day’s Oct. 3 editorial in our very good — and very liberal — daily newspaper.

This commentary is not intended to dismiss or ridicule the opinion expressed, since the Editorial Board has a great deal of company in simplifying the diagnosis and treatment of this great "wrong." But this is like seeing a person with Sepsis, diagnosing the problem as the fever and simply ordering more aspirin.

No, this is a multi-system illness. What follows is a more complete diagnosis — including "reasonable gun controls" — without serious attention to which the patient (our nation) will die.

1) The disillusionment and alienation of a large percentage of Americans created during and following the disastrous Vietnam War.

2) The subsequent coarsening of society, which was fed by the abomination of abortion and by the sexualization of everything for a buck by Hollywood.

3) The disruption and too often the dissolution of family life.

4) The failure of our public schools to teach and help to socialize their students, which has produced ignorant and undisciplined “graduates” who then go to “colleges” where they are indoctrinated rather than educated.

5) Racism and violence by Blacks as well as racism and violence against Blacks.

6) The Swamp of Democrats, Republicrats and bureaucrats in Washington.

7) Failure by a large group of people to accept and support the result of the 2016 national election, with continued vilification and disruption.

8) The disappearance of the "mainstream media" as a trustworthy and unbiased source information.

9) The consequent disillusionment of “The People,” in a few this has resulted in hatred and a desire for vengeance — and in most of the others, arming for self-defense.

Remember, "Guns don't kill people. People kill people"

Yes, some common sense gun laws are needed as a small part of the treatment for this Sepsis — so long as they do not result in a perception of weakening every citizen's right to bear arms, which would produce the opposite result.

Indeed, something's very wrong. But our nation needs to address all the above ills. The vast majority of Americans are peace-loving but wary. They are waiting, so far patiently, for effective treatment.

George Sprecace is trained as both a doctor and lawyer. He has held a variety of local elected and civic positions. He lives in New London.



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