Trump's welcome flirtation with the U.N.

Watching Trump give his biggest speech since the inaugural, I was modestly reassured to see him operating within the four walls of rationality.

What's the matter with these lawyers?

President Donald Trump isn't representing himself, but sometimes it feels like he has a bunch of Donald Trumps on retainer.

What happened? U.S. political axis tilted.

My view is that the traditional left-to-right, progressive-to-conservative, Democratic-to-Republican political axis that we're all so familiar with is no longer a valid...

Republicans block 'Taxman,' at least for now

That's "the party of the people" for you − full of energy when it comes to taking the people's money through taxation without due consideration.

Sanderscare: Cheap politics and magic math

The lesson the Democrats seem to have taken from the 2016 electoral trouncing is that they need to become more like Republicans. Meaning: Abandon thoughtful, detail-oriented...

Sessions may be driving Dreamer reform

No one should consider a DACA fix to be a small or insignificant part of the immigration problem.