At Frank's Gourmet Grille, good food, not fancy

In sheer quantity, seafood bested pasta — chunks of lobster and swordfish, large shrimp, silky fresh scallops, swaddled in a fresh basil, garlic and pine nut blanket. Luxurious and delicious.

Longtime Groton deli is a go-to staple

Featuring deli staples and several creative twists, Groton's North End Deli is a reliable favorite.

At Trixie's Bakery and Cafe, the sweet is good but the savory reigns

I'd call Trixie's an Italian bakery, but it's also a contemporary coffee and smoothie shop, where the beverages are created while you wait and are every bit as delicious as the baked goods.

Grinder is king at Giuliano's Bakery

As good as the grinders are, they are really only half the story at Giuliano's, where the pastry varieties seem nearly countless (I actually tried counting them but kept losing track after 60).

Incredible edibles at The Yolk Cafe

Eight years into my post here at The Day, I can no longer call myself a newcomer to New London. While it’s fair to call myself a creature of habit who tends not to stray too far from State and Bank streets for lunch, I will allow that it is entirely ridiculous that last week marked my...

Welcome to the restaurant scene, Uncasville Diner

One of the alluring qualities of a diner is a large menu. Another is the potential for breakfast at all hours.

'Market' days are good days in Old Saybrook

It’s best to be systematic when entering the new Mystic Market store in Old Saybrook.

Farm-to-table goodness at La Belle Aurore

For a term I heard sparingly, if ever, 10 years ago, farm to table has undeniably gone mainstream, and with that there's bound to be an epigone or two. However, La Belle Aurore is the real deal.

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Triple-planet conjunction marks busy month

October is a fun month for stargazers.

Rick's List - DNA edition

Lastest dispatch from The Day's resident malcontent



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