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Bayou Smokehouse 214 Route 12, Groton (860) 440-8776 In the four years since its uneven but promising opening, the Bayou has become one of my fave destinations. Chef/owner Pierre Boutros — who simply started out as an amateur cook/lover of barbecue and resolved, with...

The Velvet Mill houses some enticing food and drink venues

If you asked me a year ago what the Velvet Mill is, I'd have guessed the nickname for some NBA player with an outside shot so smooth fans and commentators came to observe "The guy produces velvet so consistently he's a Velvet Mill."  That was until, of course, I discovered the...

From sweets to savories, Taza Grill has it all

Self-serve, pay-by-weight frozen yogurt shops have become ubiquitous around the region, but not all of them can boast a Middle-Eastern grill menu alongside the requisite dozen or so flavors of frozen dessert. Peachwave East Lyme & Taza Grill Middle Eastern Cuisine in Niantic is the only owner...

A look back at The Day's most recent dining reviews

Latitude 41 105 Greenmanville Ave., Mystic (860) 572-5303 Located on the massive, tourist-happy Mystic Seaport property, Latitude 41 is a spot that might not spring to mind when locals are thinking about lunch or dinner. This would be a mistake. There are large, spacious dining...

Latitude 41: Plenty of seafood and comfort food in a welcoming atmosphere

You don't have to be a visitor to Mystic Seaport to enjoy the fine dining at the on-site Latitude 41 Restaurant.

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'It's better when it's about people'

My current office is at the end of a hall that I share with cardiologists and gynecologists, the idea being to facilitate communication.

A well-seasoned set of concerts await ECSO fans

Today’s quiz: What does a symphony orchestra concert have in common with sex? Answer: As Oscar Wilde reportedly said of sex, “Some take it like the sacrament and some take it like tea.” Some folks yearn for...