Books for children - May 29

Book recommendations for young readers

NYC Opera announces 1st full season after bankruptcy

The revived New York City Opera announced its first full season following its emergence from bankruptcy.

Publisher’s Weekly bestsellers - May 29

Top 10 bestselling hardcover fiction and non-fiction books

Hill imagines fiery end to world in his new book

Some say the world will end in fire. If his latest book is any indication, Joe Hill agrees.

McCartney mines virtual reality for ‘Pure McCartney’ release

Paul McCartney is bringing fans into his world by way of virtual reality through a six-part series of VR experiences created to support the June 10 release of “Pure McCartney,” his new retrospective album surveying the music of his career after the Beatles disbanded.

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Catch up with the catbirds

Although dozens of migrating species are arriving here each day, only a few can actually be enticed to our feeders.

Rick’s List: Fred’s Shanty Parking Edition

If you live in New London's Sixth District, you probably travel down Pequot Avenue with some frequency.