Author Annie Proulx on her latest novel, ‘Barkskins’

In her latest novel, “Barkskins,” Annie Proulx sees the forest for more than its trees. The Pulitzer Prize-winning author of “The Shipping News” and “Brokeback Mountain” uses that insight to lament not only the disappearance of the world’s...

Review: Admit it, Brad Paisley is really good at country

When you can namecheck the UFC and Zebco fishing reels in the lead track to your new studio album, "Love And War," you are probably Grammy Award-winning country music machine Brad Paisley and you can do no wrong

Hans Zimmer leaves the composing room to front his 70-plus-piece band

Hans Zimmer’s natural habitat is a dark, windowless room. As one of Hollywood’s most successful film composers — with scores for dozens of movies stretching from “The Dark Knight” to “The Lion King” — the 59-year-old Oscar winner...

How to avoid feeling cheataed buying concert tickets online

The majority of entertainment ticketing occurs online, and the potential for buyers to be misled has never been higher.

Podcast tip: S-Town

Podcast tip S-Town S-Town, the latest serialized podcast from the producers of This American Life, began with an email from a listener to the tip inbox at the Chicago-based radio show. S-Town then grows into a tender and rhythmic portrait of an exceptional man living in a small...

Steve Winwood returns to Foxwoods Friday

Steve Winwood brings decades of hits from solo career through Traffic and Blind Faith to Foxwoods on Friday.

Throw the Goat plays 33 Golden on Friday

California punk-thrashers Throw the Goat entertain Friday in New London's 33 Golden Street.

The Fray hits Foxwoods for Sunday concert

Denver pop-rock hitmakers The Fray play Foxwoods' Grand Theater on Sunday.

Tritonal plays Shrine on Tuesday

Austin EMD duo Tritonal serves up the rhythm Tuesday at Shrine in Foxwoods.

Whiffenpoofs perform Wednesday at The Kate.

Yale's elite a cappella group the Whiffenpoofs will sing Wednesday at The Kate in Old Saybrook.




'It's better when it's about people'

My current office is at the end of a hall that I share with cardiologists and gynecologists, the idea being to facilitate communication.

A well-seasoned set of concerts await ECSO fans

Today’s quiz: What does a symphony orchestra concert have in common with sex? Answer: As Oscar Wilde reportedly said of sex, “Some take it like the sacrament and some take it like tea.” Some folks yearn for...