Inching toward a plant-based, whole grain life.

New London native tackles a classic: Lighthouse Inn Potatoes

Ashley Moore and her team at Cook's Country have turned the classic two-day preparation into a one-day dish suitable for modern day home cooks.

Speculaas — and Mystic woman who makes it — are Dutch treats

Anita Steendam, who once shared her recipe for Dutch pea soup with The Day’s readers, recently extended an invitation to sample another Dutch delicacy, filled speculaas, a kind of spiced, soft, shortbread cookie-bar

It's avocado time: The only fat fruit gets its own month

Although California haas avocados are in season now, they are approaching peak harvest, so look for them to be at their freshest, most plentiful and least expensive.

Muffins for Mom, and the cookbook they came from

"I've found that a basket of fragrant muffins always pleases both family and friends, and that the cook gets far more credit than the effort might seem to deserve."

Rich's Slow-Cooker Collards: They look so bad but taste so good

Rather than turn to ham hocks for flavor, my favorite recipe uses the often-overlooked smoked turkey legs to impart the expected richness and complexity.