VIDEO: Fresh off deployment, Navy chief surprises three children

Donning the costume of the Sayles School mascot, Mustang, Navy Chief Joshua Grosswiler, who recently returned from a six-month deployment, surprised his three children during a schoolwide assembly Wednesday afternoon.

UConn exhibit tells vets' stories of psychological impact of war

Personal items belonging to well-known, local anti-war protestor Cal Robertson are on display as part of an exhibit at the University of Connecticut titled "A Legacy of Veteran Expressions after War."

Trump references Russian spy ship in news conference Thursday

In responding to questions about contact made between his administration and Russia, President Donald Trump referenced the Russian ship spotted Wednesday in international waters off the coast of Connecticut.

Russian spy ship spotted patrolling 30 miles off Connecticut coast

The U.S. maritime boundary extends 12 miles from the coast, so the Cold War-era ship, which was spotted patrolling 30 miles from the Naval Submarine Base Wednesday, was in international waters, and not doing anything illegal.




Connecticut tax cuts are more likely than a third casino

Almost three years after MGM won a casino license for Springfield, Connecticut's gambling tribes...


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Maple syrup producers face challenges in warming world

New Hampshire's maple syrup producers say they're feeling the impact of climate change, as winters become warmer and frigid nights so critical to their business become fewer

New Haven judge orders Dr. Wang to be forcibly medicated to stand trial for alleged slaying of colleague

A Superior Court judge Wednesday ordered Dr. Lishan Wang to be forcibly medicated in an effort to restore him to competency and stand trial for allegedly slaying a medical colleague seven years ago.