Austria, Germany will take refugees from Hungary

Austria says it and Germany will take refugees from Hungary; migrants board buses after march

2 men claiming to have found Nazi gold train go on Polish TV

2 men claiming to have found Nazi gold train reveal their identities on Polish TV

Russian moves in Syria pose concerns for U.S.

Russia has sent a military advance team to Syria and is taking other steps the United States fears may signal that President Vladimir Putin is planning to vastly expand his military support for President Bashar Assad of Syria, administration...

Chinese Navy ships no longer in U.S. waters

Five Chinese Navy ships that sailed this week off the coast of Alaska entered U.S. territorial waters, but they have since left the area, Pentagon officials said Friday.


Aretha Franklin blocks screening of documentary at festival

Aretha Franklin wins court order to block screening of documentary at Colorado film festival

Gunned-down Houston-area sheriff's deputy remembered during funeral

Houston-area sheriff's deputy gunned down at gas station remembered as 'one of the good guys'

With clerk jailed, gay Kentucky couple gets marriage license

Same-sex couples will try to get marriage licenses as Kentucky clerk sits in jail for contempt

US employers added 173K jobs in Aug.; rate falls to 5.1 percent

US employers added 173,000 jobs in August; unemployment rate falls to 7-year low of 5.1 pct.



A Confederate flag flies in Stonington

A big Confederate flag appeared recently over a house on the water in Stonington.


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Chinese military parade displays might amid muted vow of peace

The Chinese Communist Party pulled off its biggest WWII military parade ever on Thursday, shutting down central Beijing for a spectacle of marching soldiers, rumbling tanks, patriotic music and never before seen missiles and other military equipment.

Image of Syrian dead child on Turkish beach haunts, frustrates the world

Photo of dead child on the beach evokes past tragedies, haunts and frustrates the world

Hungary bows to defiant migrants, promising buses to the border

After a day of defiance by increasingly desperate refugees, the government of Hungary metaphorically threw up its hands on Friday and said it was offering to bus thousands of migrants to the Austrian border, sending the crisis spinning closer to the...



3 shot, 1 killed, gunman sought on Sacramento college campus

Police: 3 shot, 1 killed near baseball field on Sacramento college campus; gunman being sought

Judge orders clerk in Kentucky gay marriage case to jail

Throngs of protesters at courthouse as clerk set to appear before judge in gay marriage case