No regrets, Trump vows; Clinton pursues his supporters

Hillary Clinton ramps up her pressure on Donald Trump in the election's most competitive states Friday with an emotional TV ad targeting his criticism of a Muslim-American family

Clinton’s WikiLeaks strategy: doubt, delay, distract

The emails are full of potential damage for Hillary Clinton. She weighed the political implications of policies. She is close to Wall Street. Her aides gathered information to discredit a woman who’d accused her husband of rape.

Evacuations from Aleppo fail to materialize despite lull

A cease-fire to allow wounded civilians and rebels to leave parts of Aleppo has been extended into the weekend by Russia, but hoped-for medical evacuations didn't materialize because of a lack of security guarantees, officials and residents said

Most states have no laws about guns in polling places. Some election officials think that could be a problem.

Most states have no laws regarding guns in polling places, because for the most part, they haven't really needed to make them. The confluence of firearms and polling places isn't something America has been concerned about on a national scale - until...


Short-handed Supreme Court delays action in three cases

The Supreme Court delays action in 3 cases, showing that the short-handed court is having trouble getting its work done

IS attacks Iraq city of Kirkuk, power plant amid Mosul fight

Islamic State militants armed with assault rifles and explosives attacked targets in and around the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk early Friday.

Cincinnati Zoo rejoins Twitter following Harambe controversy

The Cincinnati Zoo has rejoined Twitter after a two-month hiatus that was sparked by outrage over the shooting death of Harambe, the zoo's 17-year-old gorilla

Trump, Clinton spending furiously as Election Day nears

Donald Trump more than doubled his campaign spending last month, burning through roughly $70 million as his standing in polls and among fellow Republicans dropped

A giant nude statue in California is stirring controversy

A 55-foot statue of a nude woman in the San Francisco Bay Area is stirring controversy and a lot of conversation

Many Americans worried about voter fraud, but experts says it’s rare

Experts say there has never been evidence of the type of election rigging Donald Trump has obsessed over.

Iraqi special forces join battle for Mosul, US soldier dies

In a significant intensification of the battle for Mosul, elite Iraqi special forces joined the fight Thursday.

Trump, Clinton trade caustic barbs as roast turns bitter

The annual Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner, a white-tie gala in New York that is often the last time the two presidential nominees share a stage before Election Day, is traditionally a time when campaign hostilities are set aside

Photographer, a former refugee, sues Trump over Skittles tweet

A British photographer and former child refugee has sued the Trump campaign for allegedly using his photo of a bowl of Skittles in a tweet against accepting Syrian refugees into the U.S.

Turkey ramps up fight against Kurdish fighters in Syria

Turkey escalates an offensive against Kurdish fighters in northern Syria, pounding them with airstrikes and artillery

Typhoon Haima leaves at least 7 dead in northern Philippines

Super Typhoon Haima weakened and blew out to sea after smashing the northern Philippines with ferocious wind and rain overnight

US service member killed by roadside bomb in northern Iraq

The U.S. military says an American has died from wounds sustained in a bombing in northern Iraq

Scientists in Europe downplay likely loss of Mars lander

Scientists at the European Space Agency have downplayed the likely loss of its Mars lander

Half a year after 8 relatives killed, no answers or arrests

A sheriff in Ohio says he now believes the killers of eight members of an extended family were local



Bet on new Connecticut taxes

Candidates for the General Assembly have not suggested many meaningful solutions to the state's...


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