Cures law proves Washington can work

The legislation should get life-saving and life-enhancing drugs and medical devices to market sooner; boost the availability of mental health treatment; and provide some needed federal dollars to...

Solar energy deserves continued support

Solar is the fastest growing energy-production sector. In the last decade, solar has experienced an annual growth rate of nearly 60 percent.

Blocking Judge Garland sets terrible precedent

President Obama did his job, picking someone Republicans recognized as a moderate choice. The Senate did not do its job.

Connecticut model can stop erosion of confidence in election results

If voters conclude that the elections are “rigged” or outside influences are monkeying with the results, then we have big problems.

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



Don't ignore chance to save historic Norwich building

Only in Norwich could a plan to demolish a building on the National Historic Register be considered an accomplishment

Chamber president launched ‘Coup de tourism’

The actions of Chamber President Tony Sheridan and the Eastern Chamber are an insult to the board and staff of the Eastern Regional Tourism District.

Clearing channels to unlock state's promising maritime future

Earlier this year, the EPA began releasing plans to establish three new disposal sites in Long Island Sound that should solve the region's dredging needs for the next 30 years.


Hated losing his doctor, but found quality alternative

I read your article, “State steps in over orthopedics office closure in Waterford,” (Dec. 3), with interest. I too was a patient of Dr. Frank Maletz and I'm disappointed that he will not be my doctor going forward. I was,...

America may not be great when Trump's done with it

Donald Trump used the slogan, "Make America great again"  throughout his campaign for the presidency. Well, I have news for him, America has been great since it declared and fought for its independence. Of course, a draft dodger...

Don't add to veteran suffering with Palin pick

I saw an article online that President-elect Trump was considering Sarah Palin to head Veterans Affairs. Haven't our veterans suffered enough? Jeff Sattler Norwich

Health secretary doctor can crackdown on malpractice suits

In “Trump to nominate Georgia Rep. Tom Price as health secretary” (Nov. 29), you reported that Congressman Tom...

President-elect needs to be civil

Jim Baker’s letter "Feed kids fundamental respect for democracy, not fear" (Dec. 1), says that children are entitled to...

Check the numbers, Trump claim outrageous

While the recount of votes in three states is likely a harebrained wild goose chase, Donald Trump was completely out of line when he tweeted that besides winning the Electoral College vote, he would also have won the popular vote were it not for...

Don't believe in manmade warming

David Collins’ column “Global warming is already lapping at Mystic’s door” (Nov. 27), gives us the usual BS...

Trump's message changes

Donald Trump understands people. He knows that when he speaks before huge crowds, as long as he says what they want to hear, many will believe what he says and will become his followers, even as he slightly changes his tune in front of different...

Sensational reporting insenstive to mom

After reading the article “Ledyard man committed to state hospital for stabbing mother,” (Nov. 28), I was...

Providing pilot names is dangerous mistake

The article, "US Navy serves up turkey alongside sorties on Thanksgiving," (Nov. 24), is a terrible blunder by the Associated...

Demolishing Grasso Tech building is senseless

Future taxpayers take note. In response to the article, “Construction on new Grasso Technical High School to begin next...

Freedom to spoof is a political jewel

As our American political campaign season is now only seen from the rear view mirror in our drive forward, creating a new historical and political future for our country, I have been deeply appreciative of the constitutional right of...



What jury will punish a cop for killing an unarmed black man?

A heavyset 50-year-old with no weapons, running as if through molasses, is hardly a clear and present danger to society. Yet the officer shot Walter Scott, a black man, five times. In the back.

Today's America compares poorly to Pearl Harbor heroes

People of that generation were taught to be grateful for the little they had and not to be envious of others, who might have more. That's another contrast with the envy-greed-entitlement spirit of our age.

Trump muffs his first foreign policy test

Trump, in effect, is ceding economic ground to China at the very moment he claims to be taking a harder line.


Assessing Castro’s mixed, bloody record in Africa

When it came to fighting aparthied in South Africa, Fidel Castro was on the right side of history. His record was not so noble elsewhere on that continent.

Maybe Trumpist victory will somehow work

Several of Trump's biggest applause lines seem to have been put back in the box. His base is faced with the possibility that they may have elected a Manchurian.