Attacking blight takes more than an ordinance

While these ordinances provide solid foundations upon which municipal officials can build cases against irresponsible property owners, residents also must remember the ordinances are not panaceas in...

After applause, Northeast Corridor decision: Act II

The way opponents mobilized against the proposed route for high-speed trains caused an uproar rivaling No Taxation Without Representation. Now they must work on uniting behind a different plan,...

Toothless watchdogs?

Outside of the Norwich mayor, will anyone be providing reimbursements for ethical violations connected to the Derby trips?

Schumer’s cynical stalling

In politics as in life, two wrongs don’t make a right. The Senate minority leader should recognize that truism.

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



Striving to exceed one's grasp is enviable trait

Much appreciation to Vicki Fulkerson and The Day for highlighting Montville's Steve LaBranche, and his goal of finishing four 100-mile running races this summer. I take issue with just one short phrase. Fulkerson wrote that LaBranche faces an "

KetoFest a downtown New London success

In praise of KetoFest and hats off to Carl Franklin and Richard Morris for bringing a unique event to downtown New London July 22 weekend. Well over 200 people stayed in downtown hotels, ate in the restaurants, and shopped in our stores. This...

While Somers writes, her representatives work

I read state Senator Heather Somers' op-ed, “Bypass plan blocked, next stop the budget,” (July 18), about the Republican view...

Reviewing driving rules will improve safety

Recently my husband and I attended a class sponsored by AARP, and given by AAA, concerning road safety and driving, which is aimed to reduce accidents, and renew awareness of rules we should all know. This is available one time...

Want to limit terms? Vote out incumbents

In a response to the letter, “Congress needs term limits,” (July 18). We already have term limits in place. Two years for...

Fixing Old Lyme blight should begin immediately

In reference to the article, “Old Lyme considers blight ordinance,” (July 18). I would like to agree that we need some oversight on the problem.

So many questions about Coast Guard Museum

An appeal from Milone & MacBroom (The Day) for public input regarding the Coast Guard Museum was baffling. The public has been addressing this for years; responses from the players were virtually none. Following are ideas in addition to the...

Merle Smith's honor recalls other notables

It was a pleasure to read news of Merle Smith’s inclusion in the African-American Museum. As the first African-American graduate of...

Trump's voter connection is the real story

The editorial, “Why Russia is a hostile power,” (July 14), fails to mention that Russia did its dirty work in Ukraine during President Obama and Hillary Clinton's...

Trump's 'Buy American' rant is hypocritical

Six months into the Trump administration and we are still hearing about Russian collusion within the Trump campaign. Why waste taxpayer’s money on another pile of Trump's baloney. More importantly, during his campaign, he ranted...

Merrill got it right by protecting Connecticut voters

I applaud Secretary of the State Denise Merrill for not trusting the motives of the Trump voting fraud commission, deciding along with 43 other secretaries of state to not comply with the commission’s request for personal...

Stop wasting U.S. lives and its treasure in Afghanistan

With our country stuck in a 16 year-old war, a short article, “Mattis blames Congress for poor state of US combat...



Reject union deal and restore democracy

The savings promised by the agreement are not really savings at all but just the suspension of pay raises, money not yet being spent.

New option for housing impaired elderly

Thanks to a new law, folks will be able to place a temporary structure on their properties to house an elderly relative, if the local town allows it, that is.

Will GOP back banks over the little guy?

Consumers recently achieved the ability to file class-action lawsuits when they conclude they have been collectively cheated by a bank. Republicans may soon take that ability away.


Thank fracking for U.S. energy surge

When OPEC tried to bankrupt frackers by flooding the world with cheaply produced oil, the effort backfired. American entrepreneurs learned to frack oil and natural gas even more cheaply and undercut the foreign gambit.

Turkey looks to Twitter to block U.S. critic

Twitter notified a critic of Turkey's leader that it had received a court order from Turkey demanding the shutdown of his Twitter feed on the grounds that it had violated the personal rights of the Turkish president.


Consider Working Families choice in New London school board race

Since 2002, Working Families has been challenging the political status quo in Connecticut, achieving statewide victories like increasing the minimum wage and securing paid sick days for workers.

President’s ‘silent accomplices’ need to speak up

I am scared. Scared to write this, send this, post this, share this, scared to step forward. But I must.

Don't get caught napping on Seaside

Things have been seemingly quiet concerning the plans for Seaside State Park, but now comes a proposal that would mean a big change for the park and the surrounding neighborhood.