Release Lanza papers

This puzzling secrecy has been an embarrassment to the state

Heeding Obama's climate warning at academy graduation

"The science is indisputable," noted the president.

A couple of things while you're here, Mr. President

President Barack Obama will be the keynote speaker at the academy’s 134th commencement ceremony.

Include Republicans in state budget talks

By excluding Republicans from the budget negotiations, Gov. Malloy is excluding thousands of citizens in southeastern Connecticut.

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



Reminding visiting Obama of all of King’s vision

As Martin Luther King observed, focus must turn to conquering "giant triplets of racism, materialism and militarism."

Don't allow police to operate in secrecy

Failure to enact House Bill 6750 as originally proposed will be one of the final nails in the coffin of open government in Connecticut.


New laws needed to spur manufacturing

I agree with the column, “The left is so wrong on trade,” (May 16), that Obama should have fast track authority to negotiate the Trans-Pacific...

Recall Jesus' words about public prayer

I read in bemusement and sadness, “Russian leaders show their love of Christ,” (May 18). The writer,...

Conn. Dept. on Aging is critically important

I am extremely proud of the senior center directors of southeastern Connecticut for their effort in pushing our government to reinstate the much needed Department on Aging. Our local senior center director has worked together on numerous causes...

Patriots criticism insulted her intelligence

When I read The Day, I always enjoy reading what Mike DiMauro has to say. Now I find out I’m ignorant and illiterate, “The...

Land-swap proposal could be a trick

Magicians label it misdirection, switching an individual’s focus from A to B. The observer concentrates on B while the magician then successfully manipulates A.  As a Green environmentalist, I truly hope that Glenn Russo is...

Supports legislators for job-saving effort

I am writing to reply to Mr. Philip Brose’s letter, “Mayor should refocus on needs of her city,” (May 11). I have...

Wrong to ignore elected representatives

We live in a representative democracy where bipartisanship is the buzzword. But somehow, in Connecticut only the Democrats are represented in final budget negotiations between the majority party and the governor. This should not be an option...

Wrong on red

Right on red? Those who pressed for that law along with those who passed it obviously weren’t concerned with the probabilities. That was a dangerous and unnecessary decision. The world is in such a hurry and it certainly shows on the...

Religious nationalism shouldn't be applauded

I was dismayed by the letter, “Russian leaders show their love of Christ,” (May 18) from Fr. Simones extolling Russia's...

That train's coming for your tax cash

I can hear the tax train coming just like the famous Johnny Cash song. The Connecticut tax train is coming down the tracks to your home. Our governor says he doesn't want to raise taxes but our state legislators certainly are ready to tax...

Budget process restart after East Lyme ignored rules

East Lyme, how did this happen; an annual budget meeting set for June 11 without presentation of the proposed budget, as required by the Town Charter, Chapter 6 requires the Board of Finance to present the budget to the annual town...

Wequetequock district needs development plan

Ever since the Route 1 Study Report failed to resolve the future of the small commercial district in Wequetequock, there has been a need for a master plan of development for the area. Wequetequock village, which played such an important part of...



Who are these outlaw bikers?

The Bandidos fancy they run Texas from the seats of their Harleys.

Interagency quarrels mar U.S. Iraq effort

The United States is afflicted with its own internecine quarrels that impede effective action in Iraq

Discomfort of the sexes, shut off from boss

'There was an office rule that I couldn’t be alone with the congressman.'


Lying U.S. into Iraq War was a criminal act by Bush White House

The Iraq War wasn’t an innocent mistake, the Bush administration wanted a war.

Power from populists stuns White House

Impressive victory for the ascendant populist wing of the Democratic Party, and its spiritual leader, Sen. Elizabeth Warren.