Anna Coit's legacy

Anna Coit of North Stonington left a lasting legacy for the region.

Too little, far too late

University of Virginia officials have totally mishandled the case of a young woman who alleges she was gang-raped during a fraternity party.

We gather together

Thanksgiving is here again.

End gay blood ban

The time is coming to end needless discrimination concerning the donation of blood.

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



Malloy lied to hide fiscal mismanagement

To win re-election, Gov. Malloy failed to tell the truth about the state's fiscal health.

The reasons why power has long been costly here

Inability to get natural gas to region is driving up power costs.


Don't blame seals for fish declines

In response to the letter “Allowing seal hunts could boost the striped bass catch,” (Nov. 22).

No excuse for food basket situation

Groton Human Services is turning away hungry people who are in need of food baskets for the holidays because they do not have a space that can hold more than 500 boxes.

A time to give thanks for all our blessings

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful.

Not bothering to vote on Election Day is downright unpatriotic

Every election year I always ask myself the same question, “Why in the land of the free and home of the brave is election turn out always so pathetically low?”

East Lyme rec complex raises serious concerns

Development in East Lyme has boomed in recent years. More development is pending and I question whether my town has considered the consequences; remember the Boardwalk fiasco?

Recent Thomas column failed the test of logic

Cal Thomas cites William Chrystal citing Alexander Hamilton on the perils of “immigration” at the founding of the nation, “Immigration order would weaken nation,” (Nov. 19). In fact, Hamilton’s concern was not about immigration per se; (he was a...

Proposed water line is far too expensive

Brian Lynch, WPCA Finance Administrator and Tim May Chairman of the WPCA are pushing for a 7 million dollar water line from Route 32 up Route 163 to the High School. They are trying to sell the project on the premise that it will open up the door...

Fond memories of the Old Mystic General Store

It was sad to read of the closing of the Old Mystic General Store this week, “Old Mystic bids farewell to its beloved General Store,” (Nov. 13). I can’t claim to be a native, but having lived in Stonington for 45 years, I have many fond memories of...

Poppy Drive success due to people and places

The past two weekends the Niantic Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) held their annual Poppy Drive in East Lyme.

Automatic citizenship for those born in U.S. unfair

The United States has this really stupid and outdated law that allows a child born in the US to claim US citizenship even when the parents are illegals.

More damage ahead for U.S. middle class

After recovering from the Depression and World II the middle class from 1945 to 1970 faired magnificentaly. In 1970, the top 10 percent claimed 34 percent of total income.

In Connecticut, all marriages are equal

On, “Same-sex marriages don’t produce kids,” (Nov. 16), the author is correct; they don’t “produce” children, because children are not a product.



Obama helps 'illegals' while U.S. blacks struggle

Obama's order will boost hiring for illegal immigrants and boost unemployment among blacks.

Democrats must confront their chronic depression

Obama and Democrats do a lousy job trumpeting their successes.


Chemical-created bounty killing birds and bees

Altered seeds killing critical bee and bird populations.

Even when we freeze, our Earth still warms

We may have snow and cold, but it is big planet.