A long first 100 days for Trump

The jarring advances and defeats of the 45th president's policy promises have gone beyond the usual trials and triumphs of a new administration. So much has almost but not quite happened that the...

State's budget crisis just got much worse

With tax revenues falling dramatically short of projections, Connecticut faces a fiscal crisis balancing this year's budget and producing a spending plan for the next two years.

Trump White House sells out on food safety

Despite a warning from the National Institutes of Health that chlorpyrifos can cause “adverse developmental, reproductive, neurological and immune effects” in human beings, it remains...

GOP no-tax-hike budget plan could drive debate

If the Republican spending plan stands up to scrutiny, it could provide the opportunity for budget negotiations that address the fiscal shortfall without more tax increases.

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



Russia an old hand at pitching fake news

To be effective, fake news must be rapid and repetitive. It doesn't have to be consistent because the goal is confusion.

Solar has role to play in powering a green economy

The real question is, what role can solar play to transition our economy to 100 percent renewable energy. And the answer to this question is: a huge one!

Responding to Syrian ‘crucifixion’

What Syria needs is not more war but megatons of compassion, megatons of food, water and medical supplies.


Heroes help heal wounds 50 years later

We continue to engage in global retracted battles that again claim lives and inflict medical injuries. Our VA health care system in New London has a staff member that exudes compassion, dedication, loyalty and professionalism toward his fellow...

No escape possible to 'just right' planet

This is in reply to the article, “Another nearby planet found that may be just right for life,” (April 20).

She fell, Samaritans helped her get up

I took a nasty spill and fell hard on the sidewalk on Ocean Avenue. I truly could have been on that commercial we have all heard, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” My purpose in writing is to recognize two good...

Time to take a stand or face regrets

Life is testing each and every one of us. What are you going to tell your grandchildren?  Pride in my label trumped morality, integrity, reason, intelligence, and truth and freedom?  It wasn’t important to me what...

Trump White House is stalling investigation

The Trump administration's stonewalling of the House Oversight Committee regarding former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn is unacceptable. The committee can't determine whether Flynn broke any laws or compromised national security without...

Hedrick seeks votes for Groton City mayor

I am running for mayor of the City of Groton. I love the city. These are not just empty words for me but represent a heartfelt respect for the people and places that make up the City of Groton.  I have spent my entire political...

More school choice would improve education

“Tears and Anger in Groton,” (April 20) would be a suitable headline for a photo of a baby throwing a...

Criticism of Somers way out of line

I’m writing in response to Charles Stevens’ letter, “Unhappy with Somers’ support of Fairview...

No Conn College help on New London, just carbon

I read on the article, “Conn College signs carbon tax endorsement letter,” (April 22), along with 31 other colleges. That's pretty...

Don't forget to honor JFK on Memorial Day

Memorial Day 2017, our national holiday honoring the legacies of America’s fallen warriors, happens to be the 100th birthday of President John F. Kennedy. Though a handful of ceremonies are planned to observe JFK’s Birth...

Attack on Groton Rep. Conley unfair and mean spirited

A recent letter, "Injury or not, Conley missing vital meetings," was not only mean spirited, but also...

Plenty of ways to cut Montville school dollars

The article titled, "Montville readies cut of three teachers," (April 19), had more twists than a "roller coaster." First, the so-called cut of $600,000 to...



Trump turns traditional, Europe populism pauses

Trump certainly ran as a populist and won as a populist but, a mere 100 days in, he is governing as a traditionalist.

Those supporting troops abandoned by government

'They've devalued not only us but the services we give to military families across the country,' said Kevin McDonnell, a veteran who assists military families.

Foreign policy team a first-100 success

The national-security process worked well in the two-day planning and execution of a missile strike early this month on a Syrian airfield.


France’s election reveals a new political divide

If the most important political divide, in France as almost everywhere else, was once over the size of the state, the new political divide is about different visions of the identity of France itself.

Will Sessions' war on weed drive legalization?

If there’s a single thing that Attorney General Jeff Sessions hates more than undocumented immigrants it might just be marijuana.