Lyme Facebook and Instagram pages show changing times

Lyme is struggling to find enough volunteers to serve on municipal boards and commissions. Increased communication and engagement with community members through social media should help.

Graham's 'invincible innocence'

Many of the most famous evangelists had their day and quickly faded. A few were frauds or hypocrites. But through a half-century and more, the Rev. Billy Graham maintained his standing.

Don't let New England region run out of gas

Connecticut and much of New England has successfully encouraged more electric production and home heating from natural gas, but now it faces a crisis getting the gas to the region.

Meeting the commitment to Forge Farm

Having been called to task for letting the 18th century farm slip into disrepair, Connecticut Landmarks promises to attend to it. It should be held to that pledge.

Theodore Bodenwein, publisher of The Day from 1891 to 1939

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



Price increase notice was sorely lacking

Two months ago, The Day newspaper increased the home delivery and membership prices. It is surprising that The Day newspaper never made this public with any coverage in its own newspaper. In addition, as confirmed by simply calling the newspaper...

Fearing NRA's power to block change

The latest massacre at one of our schools will produce a lot of political blather: talk about mental health, bump stocks, AR-15s, etc.; but absolutely nothing of regulatory substance will be done by Washington. No one is asking the basic...

LeBron divides America, and DiMauro is helping

Sports columnist Mike DiMauro went beyond honesty and respectability when he championed LeBron James (a $100 million per year basketball super dribbler) who slammed our honorable President Trump, “

Unless laws change, await next massacre

We have again witnessed another shooting with an AR-15 assault rifle in Florida. The AR-15 and other assault style rifles were designed for the military for the sole purpose of killing people. They have no business being sold to the general...

Day's liberal bent is badly out of touch

After reading the three commentaries on the "Perspective" page, Feb. 18, I have come to the conclusion that for the "left" it's still the “Day” after the presidential election and denial is still the prime driving force for...

NRA money rolls in as bodies pile up

Republicans in the U.S. House and Senate have refused to pass any gun control legislation despite the total 2018 incidents as of Feb. 17 is 6,712 and the number of deaths is 1,856, of which 428 are children under 17 , killed in the...

Turn focus on the deranged, not the guns

Regarding the latest school tragedy; there have been mandatory background checks on the books for decades, as Senators Blumenthal and Murphy both well know. I agree with this whole-heartedly. However, almost without exception the deranged people...

For the sake of our children, control gun availability

Whenever I see news video on distant war-torn nations, I cringe at the images of crying children, clinging to their parents. I think of what their world must be like. I think of how emotionally scarred they must be from...

A new declaration

We the people of the United States of America pledge to defend and protect our children with just laws against violence in their lives and to defend their rights to equal education, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for the rest of...

'What a travesty. What an outrage. What a sin.'

The latest shooting at a school that took place in Parkland, Florida, illustrates the priorities and inefficiencies of the FBI. No excuse can be given to the FBI for not following up on the tip given on this psychotic sociopath who ended the...

Society in upheaval

The norms of civilized society are disregarded intentionally; each day the American public is shocked by events and frightened that non-vetted, powerful leaders take no meaningful action. Books are written; the media reveal facts; the...

Protect our schools with fences, detectors

School Protection Plan: Wire fences surrounding all school perimeters. Face identification system for entry. If entire school can’t be surrounded, then surround all door openings with perimeter space and face identification at openings.



Columnist Marc A. Thiessen

The GOP tax reform used to be extremely unpopular. Not anymore.

Democrats are in a bind because they voted against that increase in take-home pay. The growing public support for tax reform is especially a problem for the five vulnerable Senate Democrats.

Columnist David Ignatius

Real-life Zelig of Russian covert action

Mueller's indictment describes a complex effort to manipulate American public opinion through fake accounts, false fronts and stolen identities.

Columnist Cal Thomas

Recalling the Billy Graham I knew

At his peak, Graham was offered political power and movies. He turned them all down, believing he had been called to “preach the Gospel − Jesus − and do nothing else.”


Trump parade wouldn't send intended message

A parade will not, despite what Trump may think, be seen as a sign of American confidence. Instead it will display our fears about North Korea.

U.S. stands alone in scale of school violence

Between 2000 and 2010, researchers documented 57 incident of multiple murders at schools in 36 countries. Half of those incidents - 28 - occurred in the United States.


Communities thrive on a mix of younger, older generations

Young Professionals of Eastern Connecticut has grown into the largest organization of its kind in the area, serving young adults from throughout our communities.

Ending Harvard’s single-sex social clubs would have a major impact

Men are perfectly happy to have women in their male-only spaces if those women take on subordinate roles or are there to meet their sexual desires.

Forge Farm 'no longer truly historic'

The house’s near total reconstruction left Landmarks in a difficult situation. Our effort to preserve the house as an example of early American architecture resulted in the creation of a replica of a historic house