New London's great debate

City voters who watched (or will take the time to do so) were treated to a substantive debate.

Learning behind bars

Studies show that prisoner education is cost-effective in reducing recidivism.

Taking 'crash' out of Norwich's Route 82 'alley'

Eliminating the crossing of oncoming lanes along Route 82 in Norwich will prevent the majority and often most serious of the accidents there.

New London ethics finding not credible

Elected leaders have the right to respond to their critics without facing ethics complaints.

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



95 years ago women gained the vote

The fact so many don't bother voting is a sad commentary on the status of our democracy.

Dump the Trump? Not so fast, losers

Another reason Trump will be with us for the long run is the Washington and media elite, who for far too long have covered politics from a philosophical position that has them stuck in their own Private Idaho.


Moving steadily away from fossil-fuel age

I saw a program, "Green Tyranny," that informed about what our world’s fossil-fuel based economy makes possible. It spoke of how, in many places, where there are water and food shortages, fossil-fuel burning trucks, ships and planes...

Exaggerated rank of senior lawmen

Regardless of what side of the issue one is on, it’s not difficult to conclude that United States uniformed law enforcement personnel have a serious image problem. The image problem includes allegations of arrogance and excessive use of...

Great time to vote for 3rd-party option

Voters have an opportunity with many seats in local elections. We can vote for more than one candidate. For example, each voter in Waterford will have the ability to vote for five or six candidates, depending on the district, to represent them on...

Stop useless wars, focus on homeland

I'm writing to express my concern at the naivete of those in Congress who have urged that we Americans get involved in the Syrian civil war. History has shown that all of our efforts to establish a Western-style government in the Mideast have...

Wasting time and money on New London spat

I read the article, “Ethics Board calls for hearing on New London mayor’s comment,” (Aug. 26), on the front page...

People ready rebellion against political elite

Your editorial, “Year of Democratic mayoral rebellions," (Aug. 23), was trending towards reality but is lacking in impact voters will produce in...

Technology changes doomed affordable Groton Cinemas

This article, “Groton movie theater closes without warning,” (Aug. 25), reflects the beginning of the decline of the movie theater...

Schumer gave deceptive comments on Iran deal

Senator Chuck Schumer’s statement explaining why he will vote to disapprove the Iran deal is grossly misleading, as it implies that all inspections must be preceded by a 24-day delay: “…Inspections are not...

Time to pay up for sins of slavery

I am compelled to comment regarding the Rhode Island church bringing attention to its role in the slave trade article, “

Slavery just in Rhode Island? Hardly

  Rhode Island’s slavery? Research slavery in Connecticut and New London County and you will...

Theatre of the Deaf is well represented in Lyman exhibit

With reference to the letter, “Theatre of the Deaf deserves a reference,” (Aug. 15), inquiring about inclusion of the...

Candidate is excited about future of New London schools

With a blink of an eye the summer is just about done. School buses will be back on the road and New London and other schools will be in session. This year New London schools will open with a very strong superintendent.



Obama ‘reset’ invited Russia’s aggressiveness

Vladimir Putin’s contempt for the American president is clear in his increasingly aggressive moves against Eastern Europe.

N.Y.’s bizarre uproar over topless women

Women are more likely to say they’re offended by publicly exposed breasts, in every scenario a poll asked about.

On eve of Xi visit, China loses luster

The question is how the U.S. can cooperate with a weaker and newly vulnerable China.


Global economic weakness may be new norm

Investors are clearly jittery, with good reason. U.S. economic news has been good though not great lately, but the world as a whole still seems remarkably accident-prone.

Social Security attacks are a dubious strategy

It’s remarkable that most of the Republicans who would be president are lining up for another round of punishment by attacking Social Security.