End of Garde art school plan another downtown New London disappointment

Perhaps the impediments were too much to overcome for this project. But that too often appears to be the case in New London.

A new fiscal year for Connecticut, but same fiscal problems

Fixed costs associated with debt, pension and other retirement obligations have to be addressed.

Fight to protect reproductive choice continues

The court’s 5-3 decision found that the Texas anti-abortion law, cloaked in the pretext of protecting women’s health, simply does not pass constitutional muster.

Rhode Island's decision to pay strikers sends wrong message

Rhode Island sends message to businesses that if their employers strike the state will side with labor by paying unemployment.

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



Renewed museum location debate risks losing it

Many talented designers, planners and engineers, both in and out of government are working hard to design an environmentally and structurally sound museum on the waterfront.

'Very unsettling' plover deaths threaten species

The actions of a few diminish the shoreline experience and threaten to reduce access to the shoreline for all.

Seaside Master Plan fails several tests

The state has produced a plan for Seaside State Park unlike any of the proposals it discussed with the public.


Facebook posts deeper than Powell column

Is "The Journal Inquirer" a Facebook social posting site? I ask this because I just finished reading a "post" by Chris Powell that seemed in line with "articles" I have read via electronic media written by authors like OustDems and...

Build the museum at historic Fort Trumbull

The dialogue continues. Along with many others, including those that live in the little city by the sea, I am disappointed with the choice of location for the proposed Coast Guard Museum. I find that I am also in agreement with many of the...

Bad-acting Democrats deserve a scolding

I was so glad to see most of the Connecticut delegation to the House of Representatives recently on television. I thought they were taking part in some sort of program to show school children how to conduct a peaceful protest. I was stunned to...

Anti-science advice a 'head-scratcher'

Bob Burns is wrong again. Bob Burns is a passionate critic of modern agriculture who is apparently not well versed in food safety or plant breeding, “

Schlippe Gallery deserves contined UConn backing

We attended a meeting at the Alexey von Schlippe Gallery that brought together community supporters of the Gallery and representatives from the University of Connecticut to address their decision to close the Gallery. Advocates for the...

Peddling of health care, drugs is a mistake

The Day lead story, “Pfizer tells scientists’ stories in new campaign,” (June 19), gives insight...

Yard sale signs don't age well

For the love of God, will you people take down your yard sale signs after the yard sale is over. Almost every road in Waterford is replete with these hideous neon green and neon pink cardboard signs advertising yard sales that ended two weeks...

Don't squander chance for national museum

I commend the Southeastern Connecticut Council of Governments and New London Mayor Michael Passero for throwing their support behind the selected downtown location for the National Coast Guard Museum. New London is known for always messing...

Weather dictates work

This is in response to the letter, “Ill-timed water work along Pequot Ave.,” (June 26). Unfortunately, the road work has to be done in the...

Provide NRA numbers

I recently saw on television a long list of senators and the dollar amount that the NRA contributed to them. It was very shocking and it seemed like the NRA and a few related organizations were buying votes. I would like your paper to publish a...

It's not the guns, it's all the hate

Gun control; I am sick of both sides of this conversation. Some say guns are too easy to get. No, they are not. It's harder today than ever to buy a gun. I grew up in Indiana. On my 13th birthday, with my parents knowledge, I took money I had...

Let Norwich fire departments stand on their own

I have lived (owned a home) in Norwich's Central Consolidated District (CCD) area‎ for the past 24-plus years and this fire tax issue has existed for this time and longer. Former City Manager William Talman tried to address the issue and...



Sovereign Kingdom or little England?

The reasons the United Kingdom said so long to the EU are understandable, but the price may be very high to pay.

Palace intrigue shakes the House of Saud

The could-be Saudi king is the kind of prince that Machiavelli might conjure, a big, fast-talking young man who dominates a room with the raw, instinctive energy of a natural leader.

Some Republicans buck (and duck) Trump

Trump has been ordering fellow Republicans to fall in line and show some respect to their newly elevated leader.


Guns on Campus won deter mass shootings

College and university campuses are already safer than other public places. Introducing concealed weapons will not deter or reduce any campus crime.

Let armed college students protect themselves

Our only effective recourse to prevent or minimize future mass shootings is to arm as many good college students as possible.