Finding a federal partner in creatively reusing old mills

The region has some fine examples of the new uses for former industrial plants, but to make these projects feasible often requires government as a partner.

Journalism: The eyes, ears and nose of democracy

Every shadow of doubt cast on alleged facts is a reason to slow down before publishing. But the raison d'être of a free press in a democracy is the presumption that the public has the right and...

Trump's populist vision lacking in clarity

The new president's populist, isolationist, and infrastructure building plans don't connect with the Republican Party on whose ticket he ran.

Trump completes shocking rise to presidency

Trump’s simply stated promise to “Make America great again” captured a core and enthusiastic constituency that provided the foundation for his victory.

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



The recent election invigorated our democracy

The election of Donald Trump has fired up democracy by the people in a way the election of yet another Clinton or Bush never would have.

Do modern politics jeopardize Rockwell's cherished 'Four Freedoms'

Whereas FDR – and Rockwell, his interpreter – fashioned the “Freedoms” as an argument for civilized democracy, today these ideals have been twisted as a justification for demagoguery, discrimination, and fear-mongering.

Time for some Trump critics to grow up

Boycotting Trump’s inauguration and holding protests outside his hotel is childish and accomplishes nothing.


God bless Obama for service to country

A role model for our time! I would like to recognize President Obama for leading our great country with the respect and integrity the office deserves. We can always disagree about policies but you can't argue about his sincerity and love...

Preserve contraceptives in health care policy

In the proposed dismantling of Obamacare, one of the first cuts was to the coverage of contraceptives. Should these proposals pass, many women would have to pay for a daily medication that does more than prevent pregnancy. For many women an...

Repealing Obamacare absent a replacement plan is dangerous

A cognitive dissonance has taken root amongst many Americans: they hate Obamacare but they enjoy the protections the Affordable Care Act (ACA) offers, including the elimination of lifetime coverage caps, allowing folks with pre-existing...

A conservative's dream on eve of change

I, too, have a dream, a dream where government once again becomes the servant of the people, not their master; where government no longer caters to select groups as a matter of preference; where government relies on common sense and reason when...

History of hemp colors pot debate

I commend The Day for the editorial, “Time to engage the debate on legalizing pot in Connecticut,” (Jan 1). This, indeed,...

Do Trump taxes hide ethics violations?

Tax returns expose conflicts of interest. In this all Trump, all the time media world we’ve evolved into, and trying my best to get out of, the letter, “

She can't understand the Trump voters

An open letter to Trump supporters. I know some of you personally – you’re good people. I’ve wanted to approach you and ask, “Why did you vote for him? Was it more a vote against Hillary? Do you feel the...

He is not sold on energy from wind

I want to report that there was a major wind farm in Hawaii called, Kamaoa and other wind farms on the island. And in California there were three major wind farms located at Altamont Pass, Tehachapi, and San Gorgonio, and are...

Shame on The Day for Trump coverage

Since we do not have a real choice in purchasing any newspapers that are not trying to brainwash their constituents, I can no longer stand by without speaking my mind.  I find your published news to be extremely biased to the point of...

Chopping down Bluff Point trees is not justified

Today, Bluff Point State Park is the largest parcel of undeveloped woodland along the entire Connecticut shoreline. First purchased in 1963, it was in 1975 that it was designated as a “Coastal Reserve” by a special act of the...

Cheering circus' demise

Thank God Ringley Bros. is closing up shop. No more bull hooks, whips, chains, or confinement. No more forcing majestic wild creatures into humiliating postures for human entertainment. No more feeling helpless to stop it. Ding Dong the witch is...

Trump no protector of our Constitution

What makes America great? The values and principles of our Constitution. It is sad that the next president, who vows to “Make America Great Again,” has a blatant disregard and disdain for the Constitution as our moral, ethical and...



Boycotts are a valid form of free speech

The right to buy something implies the right not to buy something. Boycotts are a form of speech, even when it is a book being boycotted.

Millennials confront harsh political reality

When it comes to politics, we — or at least the majority of us who are left-of-center — have been spoiled to the hilt.

New York's 'free college' experiment should be closely watched

While free tuition is not free college (don’t forget fees and room and board), Cuomo’s plan is a dangerous step, not just for already overburdened taxpayers in New York State, but for its system of private nonprofit colleges.


Tom Price and the future of Obamacare

Obamacare has not been perfect, but it does, per the spirit of the Hippocratic Oath, extend health care to more Americans.

President Unpredictable prepares to take the oath

Consistency is overrated. It’s so 1950s. The game has changed. The point now is to command attention.