Right and wrong ways to welcome visitors

As long as Connecticut has its figurative hand out to accept visitors’ dollars, those visitors deserve better. Refurbished depot cafe shows how.

Soto in 39th District

Soto characterizes himself as a problem solver who is willing to explore new approaches to solving problems, work across party lines, and assist urban youth in entering the workforce.

Cheeseman in 37th

Voters in the district serving East Lyme and Salem will choose between two strong candidates.

Linares for third term in 33rd Senate District

Sen. Art Linares lines up with Republicans who could well have greater influence in the Senate in 2017 and who will push back on business as usual.

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



Why voter anger? ‘It’s the economy, stupid!’

The economy for most Americans is not getting better, it is getting worse.

Focus on zoning, not on occupants

A majority of the proposed changes that would allow development of the Edgerton school property for affordable housing come from within current regulations.

Meatless Monday humane and good for kids

Meatless Monday is a great way to tackle childhood obesity. A healthier generation of students is counting on us.


Elect Beth Hogan, a proven asset

Beth Hogan is who we need to continue to work for us in Hartford. As a small businessperson herself, I know she will work together with everyone to make sure that the best interests for the 37th District of East Lyme and Salem will be met. I have...

Pink-hat DiMauro not a true fan

Mike DiMauro, who I call captain pink hat, wrote an article, “The Yankees honoring Ortiz? Mikey D. just doesn’t...

Why true Catholics must vote for Trump

Signs in front of Catholic churches read “Pray to End Abortion.” Even among the pitifully small minority of baptized Catholics who actually practice their faith singing, “Holy, Holy, Holy,” many will still vote for...

Groton should do more for its veterans

Being a vet you'd think living in a Navy town would be an amazing thing. Far from the truth, though, in a town that's known for its submarine base. In Groton/New London there's so many vets living on the streets. Instead of wasting...

Courtney and Blumenthal address student debt

One of the biggest problems confronting our youth is student loan debt. Student loan debt is no longer dischargeable in bankruptcy. There is more student loan debt than credit card debt. Student loan debt now totals at least $1.3 trillion dollars...

Chief Ackley entitled to her time off

While reading the article, “New London police chief has spent 1/3 of workdays off since returning to...

Are you satisfied? Go ahead, vote Dems

Vote Democrat! That’s your ticket to higher taxes in Connecticut, and it's popular! Just go to Motor Vehicles and sit in line with 200 people while four or five clerks using the slowest computers in America grind out information for the...

Formica: Loving father and great senator

Throughout these past two years, I have worked closely with Paul Formica and gotten to know him as a kind, hard-working, collaborative state senator. When shoreline homeowners were shocked to find their home-heating propane supplies were suddenly...

Vote Tim Bowles for healthy environment

Tim Bowles, endorsed in his race for the Senate seat in the 18th District race by the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters, had an outstanding record of leadership on environmental issues when he served in the Connecticut...

Reward Rep. Urban with your votes

A word for those planning on voting in the upcoming elections. Actions for the betterment of everyone and everything (human, animal, environment, business, laws, etc.) begin at home, our own cities and states. State senators and representatives...

East Lyme Police Dept. needs right oversight

The issue of an independent police department appears to be a non-issue. The need to separate from the Resident State Trooper Program to an independent police department in East Lyme makes financial and leadership sense. How it is implemented and...

Republicans control Congress, share in the blame

I keep hearing how Washington is broken. There are those who claim the president is at fault. Those people obviously don’t understand that our government is run by three branches. The president represents the executive branch, which is now...



Election Day approaches, world holds its breath

Traveling on three continents over the past two months, I have heard widespread anxiety about the state of the world and who will lead the U.S.

If Clinton wins, guess who is to blame?

If their highest priority was defeating Hillary Clinton, then Republicans should never have voted for Trump in the primaries, perhaps the one person Clinton could have defeated.

Trump’s ‘Lock her up’ talk crosses the line

Promising to jail your opponent if you win is an affront to elementary democratic decency and a breach of the boundaries of American political discourse.


A step toward diaper changing equality

President Barack Obama just signed a bathroom law that I bet we can all get behind.

Realistic approach to improving U.S. airports

It may be one of the only topics the major party presidential candidates agreen on; the U.S. needs to upgrade its aging airport infrastructure.