Working together to preserve Connecticut's endangered wildlife

Endangered creatures threatened by development and protected by woodlands don't know distinguish town boundaries and neither should the policies to protect them.

Whatever trial outcome, gaining Bergdahl release was justified

A military court will now assess the circumstances of the prisoner's capture and whether and what military regulations were violated. This is how it should be.

Don't ignore your tax pledge, Gov. Malloy

No one forced Gov. Malloy to make his no tax increase pledge during the campaign, that was his choice. He should be engaged with the legislature in keeping that promise.

Don't stall charter school progress in Connecticut

A proposal to establish a two-year moratorium on new charter schools fails both fiscal and academic tests and should be rejected by lawmakers.

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



Connecticut is not spending much to protect envrionment and can't afford spending less

Most people don't realize how few tax dollars go to environmental protection, yet there is a move in Hartford to spend even less, a move that would endanger habitats.

Coast Guard not getting the funds it needs to carry out its mission

Unlike the other branches of the military, Congress is starving the Coast Guard of necessary funding, endangering its ability to response to disasters.


Life is a necessity to pursue liberty and happiness

Fans of Planned Parenthood were surely stunned by The Day’s editorial, “Let terminally ill try it all,” (March 12), pitch citing the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And yet, how is one to enjoy liberty and...

Treatment of Vietnam veterams is not exaggerated

I am responding to the letter, “Vietnam vet treatment is often exaggerated,” (March 15). I am married to one of those veterans.

State shouldn't expand gambling

Despite growing competition, Connecticut shouldn't allow more casinos.

More heroin deaths unless state reacts

The DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) just sent out a warning that heroin is being laced with illicit fentanyl. This combination is responsible for the recent spike in overdose deaths.

No one should display such a shameful symbol

This is in response to the article "Supreme Court to rule on Confederate flag license plates," (March 22). Is the Texas Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans aware that the Confederate flag was the symbol of a failed insurrection against the...

Make federal contractors disclose political spending

It is so very important that our election process remain the process of the best person for the position rather than the best person supported by big brother contributions

Obama's inconsistency is an insult to Israel

When it comes to dual standards in Middle East foreign policy, the Obama administration is second to none. Nowhere in the balance of the Reuters story was there any condemnation of Abbas' stance at that time while there is strident criticism of...

Article didn't capture courage of Susette Kelo

The article, “Experts agree: Luster is off eminent domain after U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Kelo,” (March 21), makes it sound as if Susette Kelo was given some slack in her effort to keep New London from taking her property.

Address mental health, don't ban gun rights

I agree there is a serious problem in dealing with mental health issues associated with restraining orders and firearms. I don't think the solution is using statements like Second Amendment Purists and NRA Zealots.

Insulting to deny mistreatment of returning Vietnam veterans

I have to respond to the letter, “Vietnam vet treatment is often exaggerated,” (March 15). Maybe this definitive piece of (I will call it, politely) information, is just a continuing ripple of quilt from my generation.

Need plan to reallocate defense dollars

No doubt that building submarines is vital to Connecticut's economy.

She likes Mike, so too should New London

If you are a longtime resident chances are you have strong feelings on the issue of who will be voted in as Mayor in November.



God forbid Connecticut loses addicted gamblers to a Massachusetts casino

What a strategy! Maintain the Connecticut economy by keeping troubled gamblers close to home.

Presidential GOP racing form: First Edition

The Democratic field is easy to figure out, it's Clintion. But the Republican side is the ultimate political horse race.

Ted Cruz’s irrational war on the IRS

Cruz's crazy idea of eliminating the agency responsible for collecting the taxes on which all government runs damages his credibility from the start.


Taxation fraudsters now control Congress

Public should be angry about GOP plan to accelerate transfer of wealth to rich Americans.

Campaign rules pinch Christie, Walker harder

Are federal rules that make it tougher for governors to raise money for a presidential run fair?