Measuring the effectiveness of state government

The logic is solid. If policymakers know which programs are effective or ineffective, they can budget accordingly.

Candidates mum on executive authority

What are the views of presidential candidates on the use of executive authority? They'd rather not talk about it.

Malloy proposal a step in rebuilding business confidence

The business community reacted with optimism to the austerity budget proposal presented by Gov. Malloy at the start of a new legislative session.

A tough budget for difficult times

In his address to the legislature, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy sounded like he was ready to do what is necessary and work with whoever is necessary to finally bring some fiscal stability to state...

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



Sabino will again ply the Mystic River

Mystic Seaport remains committed to returning Sabino to operation under steam power.

Fixing the DMV poses challenge and opportunity

No other governmental organization in the state has a more intimate and direct contact with its citizens.

Leadership in the Finest Hours

The museum association will use its limited seating to invite a variety of leaders from the community


The demographics they are a changin'

Hillary or Bernie will make history. The article, “Clinton wins Iowa, campaigns turn to New...

Recent letter writer got history wrong

In response to the letter "Israel drawing U.S. into a war," (Feb. 3), several historical inaccuracies need correction.

Buy a book help a charity

It was nice to the article, “Book Trader niche is selling gently used books,” (Jan. 24), about a local independent bookstore. I'd...

Billion-dollar error

With regard to article, “Geiger continues to predict positive outlook for Electric Boat,” (Jan. 26), EB in run of...

Beware of tricks, Montville petitioners

Regarding the recent headline, "Montville Town Council passes police department ordinance," (Jan. 22), this may clear the way for a...

Easy for experts to knock the police

Before the experts referred to in the article, “Racial disparities seen in police stun...

Loved Packard feature

Kudos to Lee Howard for his excellent feature story, “A Packard comes to life at Vintage Motorcars,” (Jan. 23). As a journalist and...

Who provides water can matter a lot

Water utilities are often known as the silent service. We turn on the tap and there it is; good, safe, clean water in ample supply. Do you know what entity provides that water? Is it provided by a private, regulated water utility, or a regional...

Israel drawing U.S. into a war

Israel is annexing more Palestinian land. The United Nations has protested but no affirmative action has been taken. The United States government has been silent yet it has for a long time been frustrated by Israel’s actions.

Beware of online tax account scam

I went online using a popular tax-filing software progrm to start my tax return; after I had signed out I received an email asking me to update my profile, I clicked on the link and it looked me to be an authentic looking site asking me for...

The AAA can't renew all licenses

In "EZ DMV Solution: “Renew license at AAA,” (Jan.14), the writer chose to suggest that someone who went to the Department of Motor...

Why are corporations abandoning Connecticut?

Pfizer? GE? Who's Next? While I acknowledge that hope is not a good strategy, I am hopeful that our elected representatives are carefully evaluating all of the reasons that both of these large organizations (with thousands of employees in...



So far conservatism leads Trumpianism

The threat to the GOP posed by the Trump insurgency is not that he's anti-establishment. It's that he's not conservative.

Lesson from Iowa for 2016 campaign

You can’t call Sanders a crank or an accident anymore. He embodies something real.

New Hampshire prepares to cull the herd

For some candidates, convincing folks they are "in spitting distance" will be vital to their chances of surviving past the Granite State.


After Iowa, things got more interesting

The surprise a week ago was how well Sen. Marco Rubio did — so well he gave a speech thanking his lord and savior Jesus Christ as if he’d won the whole thing.

Sanders plan makes sense for America

In Europe there’s nothing remotely radical-sounding about Sanders’ ideas.