New London Council should stick to city business

It appears all the problems of New London have been solved since the mayor and council now have the time to tell the local hospital and state regulators what to do.

Trump: Jokes on you

All of those who thought they were getting a candidate tough on illegal immigration? Well, maybe not so much.

Time for Clinton to take the questions

Hillary Clinton needs to step in front of the press and address the questions about emails and the Clinton Foundation.

Caution when jogging

Jogging is a great way to stay healthy, and a few common sense precautions can reduce the chances of a jogger becoming a victim.

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



Social Security should remain foundation of retirement

Social Security is guaranteed — a defined benefit for life after the employment years have ended — and that’s a good thing for retirees.

Follow police orders to avoid escalation

'All of the recent incidents involving excessive force began when the victim refused to comply with the police officer.'

Next steps for rebuilding East Lyme elementary schools

Renovation/replacement plans for the elementary schools of East Lyme never got off the ground. After four years of planning by staff, parents, community members, and the Board of Education plus many designs by an architect, everything was put...


Climate change engages survival of the fittest

Americans might be split between those who accept reality and those who want to pretend otherwise, but numbers are indifferent to human denial. NASA documented that July was the Earth’s hottest month in recorded history. July...

Trump fires first

Since the Donald is assigning monikers to various people, I thought that I might try my hand at it too. How about: Donald Ready Fire Aim Trump? Bill Kelly East Lyme

Archie Bunkers unite to nomimate Trump

There is no objective case to justify the appeal of Donald Trump. Middle-aged white men who feel like they have failed at life seem to constitute his core group of primary voters. These people were largely in the wrong place at the wrong time and...

Take it from her, cupping works great

I appreciated the important and informative article, “Thanks to Michael Phelps, interest growing in ancient practice of...

A big hurrah for Waterford 13 team

Waterford and Manager Dave Laffey of the Babe Ruth 13-year-old all-star team, what a winning combo! Hats off, cheers, have a cigar, bravo and congratulations, Waterford 13. What an achievement. Not only did these kids create memories...

Don't mislead readers, clearly label advertising

Under the banner "Your Good Health/Hartford HealthCare" in The Day (Aug. 23), is the headline "Understanding Lyme Disease," followed by an article written by...

Letter was half right, but wrong candidate

Your Killingworth reader, “Clinton is corrupt to the core,” (Aug. 4), is right that the stakes in this year’s presidential election...

He'll take the boor over cloaked socialist

This is in response to the letter, "GOP must find a way to dump Trump," (Aug 16). First of all, I would be the first to say that Donald Trump was...

Clinton email decision set a bad precedent

I was alarmed and concerned when reading The Day’s headline "Groton sailor using ‘Clinton defense’ in case...

Police and firefighters warm to our youth

I was an incognito attendee of the police-firefighter interaction with young New Londoners at Mahan...

Rep. Scott may be wolf in legislative forest

State Rep. John Scott, R-Groton, has cried wolf over budget shortfalls in our state government. The record shows an obstructionist view on budget matters as it relates to finding solutions to tough problems we face. The state cuts a billion...

Library 'health' card

I was pleased to see another article, “The best reason for reading? Book lovers live longer...



World is watching America’s character test

Australians fear a Trump-led "America First" that leaves allies to fend for themselves against Russian or Chinese bullying.

Abolishing ‘man’ at Princeton University

Academic liberalism, once thought to be instructive, even ennobling, is now part of a larger effort to not only destroy America’s foundations, but dilute and diminish God’s greatest creation.

Trump turns pivot into a 360 spin

'That’s right, black Americans. The Republican candidate for president says you live Hobbesian lives of misery and despair, with no options, no prospects, no joy, no hope. Oh, and he wants your vote.'


Trump’s NATO attacks show he’s ill-informed

Not only is Trump frighteningly wrong on the worth of little countries in Europe but he also fails to understand the very meaning of the term “alliance.”

NATO stance familiar, Trump makes it stronger

What jarred many in Washington was how Trump suggested he would push other NATO nations to fulfill their burden-sharing commitments by making U.S. commitments contingent on theirs.