Expanding prudent medicinal marijuana to kids makes sense

Rep. Kevin Ryan, D-Montville, deserves credit for pushing this bill forward and helping educate his fellow lawmakers about it.

Applause for an arts high school at Garde

Finally, the project is moving close to fruition. It is truly exciting.

Small New London education increase deserves support

New London hired Dr. Rivera to help turn its schools around. It should give him the tools he needs. His proposal is reasonable.

Heroin crisis plays out in headlines and homes

This problem requires varied and continued effort. Addiction will never be a problem that will be fully “solved,” but as a region, and as a nation, we have to do better.

“The newspaper should be more than a business enterprise. It should also be the champion and protector of the public interest and defender of the people’s rights.”

- Theodore Bodenwein



Keep Millstone running, pass competition bill

The unfortunate reality is that nuclear plants face a perfect storm of challenges that threaten their continued operation

Face it Hillary, you need Bernie

Hillary Clinton needs to make a far more sincere attempt to reach out to the millions who have rallied behind Sander's political revolution.

Sanders could easily return to irrelevant

Now that Bernie Sander’s is used to being a big deal, he’s going to want the campaign treatment to continue. That could be tough.


So much bad news, now higher taxes?

Our governor is laying off 2,500 state workers. He’s cutting aid to Connecticut cities, towns, and hospitals. He’s closing disability centers and industries and businesses are leaving the state. Connecticut ranks in the top 10 of...

Lone Star tick's added health issue

In response to the article “‘Lone Star tick wreaking havoc on New England pets," (April 12), there is an additional issue...

Imagine chickens' terror in recent coop fire

Imagine how terrified the 80,000 chickens who were killed in the recent fire at Kofkoff Egg Farms in Lebanon must have...

Stop contact sports, protect kids' brains

The National Football League has finally stopped denying and its officials recently testified that there is an “unequivocal link” between football and the degenerative brain disease Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE), which...

Osten earned salary to Sprague's benefit

Columnist David Collins made an important point in his column, “Should Selectman/Senator Osten get a 6 percent raise?”...

Stop ivory trade here in Connecticut

Connecticut needs to pass an ivory sales ban. The global ivory trade kills close to one elephant every 15 minutes leading to the real threat of extinction of African elephants within in our lifetimes. Every voter should contact their state...

On budget issues, Sprague's undemocratic

I applaud David Collins for asking, “Should Selectman/Senator Osten get a 6 percent raise?” (April 10). But it’s a...

Ledyard numbers wrong, letter writer concedes

I would like to apologize to the Ledyard Town Council, Ledyard Board of Education, and all Ledyard taxpayers for the letter, “Ledyard should adopt 2.0 insurance...

In Obama, Christians face new Caesar

Roughly 2,000 years ago the Roman emperors, the Caesars, who were dictators, demanded that the Roman people say, "Hail Caesar" while throwing incense on a fire to indicate their worship of him. The early Christians refused to do that as it...

Commission on Aging wrong place to cut

It's baffling that a current budget proposal targets only the Commission on Aging for elimination among the six constituent, legislative commissions (Women, Children, Aging, and African-American, Puerto Rican and Asian Pacific Affairs). Why...

Submarine Century section had glaring omission

"Connecticut's Submarine Century" left the dock without all the passengers aboard.  The omission of the role of Fort Trumbull in submarine warfare in the April 10, Submarine...

Registration mix-up disenfranchised voter

I was an unaffiliated voter until 2008 when I changed in order to vote in the primaries. This political season I enthusiastically followed all of the debates and daily political news events. Imagine my surprise when I was not allowed to...



The Middle East needs a new order

It's time to start building the foundations for a new order in the Middle East that can provide better security, governance and economic well-being.

Trump fills vacuum left by the GOP

What does the GOP believe in? There was a time when anyone with a passing interest in politics could have answered that question. Today, who knows?

Trump's victory won't mean anything Nov. 8

Trump's victory in the Connecticut Republican primary, dominated by white men, won't be repeated in the general election with its diverse electorate.


Trump gained more than delegates in N.Y.

Everything worked: Trump finally cleared 50 percent in a primary, with plenty to spare.

Thanks, Bernie, but it's time to go

Sanders has now acquired an almost pathetic desperation in his attacks on Clinton.