New Republican reps helped shellfish issues

The letter, “Dumping Democrats have hurt Groton in Hartford,” (July 23), is claiming that Reps. Scott and...

State needs more Republicans, not fewer

A letter, “Dumping Democrats have hurt Groton in Hartford,” (July 23) was factually incorrect. Reps. Scott...

Happy to see green meadows replacing Pfizer labs

As a resident of the Eastern Point neighborhood of Groton City, I am compelled to give kudos to Pfizer Inc. for the marvelous job they did demolishing the blighted chemical labs on their South Campus. Contrary to the detractors at the...

Column recalls tough but wonderful times in New London

I would like to recognize Dr. Jon Gaudio for his column, “A healthy economy on Shaw Street,” (July 19) about Italians who came to this country.

Preston's lousy leaders should mimic Mullane

It was so refreshing to ready the article, “North Stonington’s Buon Appetito looking to expand parking,” (July...

Outlaw the selling of exotic-animal pets

Sugar gliders are not good pets; in fact, they are exotic animals that can put families at risk. Furthermore, these animals often suffer from neglectful and poor living conditions, “

Republicans deserve voice in debate about DCF

When state government is not meeting its goals, tough questions must be asked and high-ranking officials must be held accountable, “DCF struggles...

Day series shows Stonington must act

Kudos to Judy Benson and The Day for the recently published series on the Pawcatuck River and Save the Bay’s challenge to Westerly and Stonington to improve the...

Replace state's liberal leaders of failure

I often ask myself, with so much of Connecticut suffering, “Why do we keep returning the same failed party, and the same failed representatives, who support the same failed ideas, back into office?” We have two senators and five...

Stonington's Spellman did his job, he didn't harrass

In “McKrell charges Spellman harassed her with pesticide questions,” (July 23), Ms. McKrell complains that Selectman...

Pull up your pants

Why has a waistline garment suddenly dropped 3-4 inches below where the waistline actually is? Have these folks taken a good look at themselves in the mirror − both the male and female − back, front and side view? It’s...

Trump showed ignorance with McCain comments

Leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's insistence that Senator John McCain was not actually a war hero because he was captured is so patently outrageous it perhaps qualifies as the most ignorant statement ever uttered by a...


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Malloy needs to fight for transportation lockbox

If Gov. Malloy expects to make transportation a legacy initiative, he will need to do a better selling job on creating a lockbox to pay for it.

One small step for the Smithsonian, one great leap for its fundraising

What is more modern for the historic museum than a campaign that harnesses the power of the Internet?

Lawsuit no reason to disqualify Groton police chief candidate

We have to agree with the town manager that “it wasn’t reason to disqualify him.”


Dangerous new era of elusive lone wolf

They’re disparate, confused, Internet-savvy, eager for self-promotion and hard to find.

Young people withdraw from democratic process

Over time young people have withdrawn from traditional social and political institutions, including everything from political parties to churches.

Finding a planet to call your own

Republicans and Democrats could have planets of their own, which could settle once and for all the argument over whether big or small government is...