East Lyme tower raises many questions

We are gravely concerned about a petition before the Connecticut Siting Council to build a temporary cell tower in East Lyme. Although AT&T has known for years that their cell tower lease off Scott Road in East Lyme will expire at the end of...

NRC's self interest in keeping nukes running

The April 18 story by Judy Benson, “Millstone incurred $2.5 million in special inspection costs, highest in region for 2014,” concerned  Millstone's expenditures relating to the NRC bills to Millstone for having to be...

Good Stonington budget deserves voter support

I am a member of the Stonington Republican Town Committee. I wholeheartedly endorse the current budget that will be placed before the voters in Stonington on May 12. I urge all taxpayers in Stonington to vote Yes on May 12.

Shame on Democrats for embracing Clinton

It must be a huge let down for voters, especially American women, servicemen and women, and those who have trusted and practically worshiped Hillary Clinton and President Obama to see that the Democrats have chosen her to be President of the U.S.

Pay parents to home-school kids

While appearing on a recent public TV show I asked the current New London Superintendent of School Dr. Manuel Rivera exactly how much it cost to educate a child from kindergarten through Grade 12. He did say it is at least $250,000 without any extra...

Conn. College shamefully handle Pessin matter

For the first time in 41 years, I am ashamed to be an alumna of Connecticut College (Class of 1974).

Tribal casino policies blatantly hypocritcal

A few decades ago former Rep. Sam Gejdenson and former U. S. Senator Chris Dodd fought mightily on behalf of the Mashantuckets and the Mohegans to help them gain federal recognition. They succeeded, enabling the tribes to build gigantic casinos.

Don't follow Obama mistake with Clinton

"There's a sucker born every minute" is the guiding principle of the Obamacrat regime and now Hillary hopes to capitalize on it. PhD Jonathan Gruber repeatedly boasted about exploiting the "stupidity of the American voter" enabling Obamacare fraud...

Elect new leaders of teachers' union

A very important election will be taking place in May. Teacher representatives will be electing a new CEA president and vice-president at the Representative Assembly.

Help letter carriers 'Stamp Out Hunger'

May 9, marks the 23rd anniversary of America's great day of giving-the National Association of Letter Carriers food drive.

Reject budget cuts for funeral details

Recently it was proposed to eliminate Connecticut's participation in the Honors Funeral Detail for members of our Military. It is hard to imagine the negative impact it delivers to a family who has just lost a loved one.

Setting record straight on Weicker, income tax

Your editorial, “NIH right to honor Weicker for backing AIDS treatment in 1980s,” (April 14), was well written and extraordinarily well deserved by our former Governor and Senator. However I must add to your comments about the personal...


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U.S. must condemn, not praise Ethiopia

Ethiopia's elections, scheduled for May 24, are shaping up to be anything but democratic.

Hartford lawmakers scheming to get taxpayers to pay for ballpark

When New Britain’s baseball team was lured to Hartford by the promise of a multi-million dollar, state-of-the-art baseball park, the state had...

A wise ruling on campaign financing

The Supreme Court led by Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. hasn’t been friendly to legislative attempts to reduce the corrupting influence of...


Overcoming defeatism in black urban centers

The economic incentives in this country flash neon lights to most of the world. The one thing that can dim them is defeatism. The rioters in...

Finizio-Passero contest could go the distance

Winning as a third-party candidate, rather than the endorsed Democrat, would be a more difficult challenge for the incumbent New London mayor. But it...