Heroin crisis: 'Stand up, speak up, share'

In "Taking a unified approach to drug crisis,” (Feb. 3), Day Staff Writer Karen Florin carefully details the...

More thoughts shared on heroin crisis

In reaction to the editorial, “Vital 1st step in attacking heroin crisis,” (Feb. 9) it is clear that change must...

Dfferent perspective on Iranian incident

I write in response to the letter, “Iranian boat situation handled properly,” (Feb. 2). It is irrelevant how the boats ended...

Stop nonprofit handouts

At long last our governor has come, we hope, to his senses about ending the egregious taxes facing the middle case. He and the legislators must also put an end to the phony nonprofit making millions for those in charge at our expense. The...

N. Stonington seniors deserve a tax break

Thinking of our senior citizens in North Stonington, who received no raise in their Social Security checks, are burdened with an increase in medical insurance and an increase coming in town taxes, I proposed an option to the Board of Selectmen...

North Stonington school costs crushing the taxpayers

So North Stonington, in its infinite wisdom, is again bringing a new school building proposal to the taxpayers. They would like to spend $38.2 million on this project. They think that the state will allot the town more than $16...

Agrees with principal, Wheeler must stay

What a wonderful guest commentary − “Wheeler High: Small in size, big in heart, and great for...

Great land program needs your support

Are you a land-rich, cash-poor resident of Ledyard, Groton, Stonington, or North Stonington? Does land preservation interest you? Have you tried and failed when Connecticut and/or land trusts were lacking resources to help you preserve your...

On background checks, Congress ignores public

It is generally accepted that since 2000 about 33,000 Americans (20,000 of which are suicides) are killed each year by guns. Per capita, this is much higher than any other country. To put this in perspective, this totals about 495,000 deaths. The...

Save Reid & Hughes, revive Norwich downtown

A powerful speech was delivered at the Norwich Community Development Corp. (NCDC) annual meeting by Donald Poland, an urban planner. See the Jan. 29 article, “

Montville police change costly and not needed

By my estimation, the cost of an independent Montville police force is, conservatively, $1.5 million higher than the town says. Plus, Montville loses a $578,000 incentive to keep 2016 budget under 2.5 percent increase cap. Police budget...

Heed Malloy message and work together

Having just watched and read the text of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s State of the State Address, I am greatly heartened by his leadership and the possibilities and potential for Connecticut’s future.  He talked about the...


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2016 nomination fight could be a long one

The election has shaken the establishment cores of both the Republican and Democratic parties.

Making ACA work

Millions of more Americans would have health insurance if all states had cooperated with the new law as did Connecticut.

Speed up generics

The FDA’s massive backlog of generic-drug applications needs to be addressed to lower the price of medicines.


‘Progressive’ and ‘conservative’ now meaningless terms

One of Trump’s most useful insights this election cycle is to recognize that voters don’t actually pay much attention to labels.

Awash in media, New Hampshire's primary day finally arrives

Given modern technology, following the candidates as they move through the state is almost like being there.

The Islamic State is still on the rise

"(ISIS) should be called what it is: a threat to global security."