Seven good reasons to re-elect Steward in Waterford

These are the reasons why I will support Dan Steward with my vote for First Selectman in Waterford. 1. He works hard to help his constituents and listens carefully to their opinions. 2. He has worked hard to better control town...

New London's Maritime Heritage Festival was a summer hit

Much appreciation needs to go to the organizers and participants of the Connecticut Maritime Heritage Festival. Gratitude also needs to go to the City of New London for providing front row seats at City Pier to view the spectacular schooners...

In Waterford, return Cote to Board of Education

Sheri Cote is a great choice for Waterford Board of Education.  I have known Ms. Cote since 1999. During that time I have seen her have to make difficult personal and professional decisions. She has always shown sound judgment and made...

Conservatives use little voice they have

Paul Choiniere's recent column, “Why so few online liberal commenters?” (Sept. 27), on the lack of liberal...

Very poor treatment for a loyal nurse

Recently I lost my job; not by choice, illness, relocation, discipline issues or lack of work, but because L+M Hospital decided, after 37 years of...

Vogel a commander not consensus guy

I must respond to the letter, “For needed changed NL should elect Vogel,” (Oct. 7), saying New London should vote for...

Conservative Christians aren't being consistent

I find it somewhat ironic that for all of their hand-wringing about bringing Christian values to politics (opposing gay marriage, abortion, and advocating school prayer for example), many conservatives seem very quick to chastise the pope for his...

Congress needs unity on gun control

What a wonderful letter by Dr. Perry, “A new definition for pro-life,” (Oct 3). Don’t think I ever heard the explicit...

Catala will work hard for New London students

Election Day is less than a month away. The past two years went by fast. I have seen progress in New London Public Schools. I have seen the all-magnet school plan move forward. I have seen a new superintendent arrive with a new...

Potter is vested in New London's kids

Sylvia Potter has an interest to be re-elected to the Board of Education as she has a grandchild in the school system. She is a native of New London; born and raised here; married and the mother of two children, who were born and raised and...

Return Sylvia Potter to New London school board

I am Earl Wilson, Deacon of Senior Deacon of Shiloh Baptist Church, Second Vice-President of the National Baptist Deacons Convention of America and a retired federal police officer.  I recommend re-election of Sylvia Potter to the New...

Historic yacht saved

I would like to express my appreciation to Dave Crocker and the staff at Crocker's Boat Yard for saving the


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Despite opposition, Keno arrives

Polls showed the public did not want keno, but when a revenue source is involved, the legislature was not going to let that stop it.

New London's dysfunction junction

A dubious complaint is dropped because of a board's apparent inability to act.

Don't further damage fishing industry by imposing fee

NOAA is the agency that developed these regulations and NOAA is the one that should pay to ensure they are being followed.


'Bachelorette’s degrees' are not boosting pay

Why, when women invest in education, do they seem to choose majors that don’t pay off as well financially?

Corralling our objectives in Syria

The U.S. must first gather better intelligence about this battle space. We have been surprised too many times.

Chaos is the GOP’s new normal

If anything, the tea party, fringe rebellion is gaining strength.