Freedom to spoof is a political jewel

As our American political campaign season is now only seen from the rear view mirror in our drive forward, creating a new historical and political future for our country, I have been deeply appreciative of the constitutional right of...

Astonishing that Trump would crush free speech

Hillary Clinton did not lose the election, the Democratic Party did. How? They seem to have lost their way. They didn't pander to the 20-some odd states in the middle of our great country and promise lower- and middle-class jobs. They...

Looking for fraud? Check California vote

I agree with President-elect Donald Trump's comments in the article, “Trump assails recount efforts," (Nov. 28). In 1960,...

Award voting rights to Groton property owners

I am commenting on article, “Non-resident taxpayer says Groton has taxation without representation,” (Nov. 22). readers forecast election results

The content of articles in The Day took their usual liberal position throughout the presidential campaign. The Day writers were whipped up in their own political spin cycle and had convinced themselves that Hillary Clinton was a...

Repeal equals pain for many needy Americans

Day 1 of Trump Administration: Would you like 1 million pink slips with that? "Repeal and Replace" doesn’t sync up as nicely as rinse and repeat. Nevertheless, our newly unified government has promised the people a seamless cleansing in...

Never blindly follow those who desire to lead you

Never accept complacency. Never blindly follow those who desire to lead you. Never accept for fact knowledge unless it has proven to be undeniably and irrefutably true. In other words, self-educate; education is our salvation and ignorance is the...

Deal more harshly with Old Lyme officer

The Old Lyme Board of Selectmen has failed society. No one passing through Old Lyme is safe from police officer Sal Milardo. First...

Trump reminds us great potential for those who work hard

I did not think I would say this, but I am happy Donald Trump won. His campaign rhetoric woke me up. It is now all about me! I am tired of hearing about, and being asked to sympathize with, those left behind (whoever identifies with that).

Astonishing how some mold political Christian message

In reference the letter, “Christian faith drove many Trump votes,” (Nov. 11), I couldn’t help but react to see the word...

Feed kids fundamental respect for democracy, not fear

Teach kids to celebrate the process. That is my response to the article, "Connecticut parents, teachers spent...

Salary aside, Trump's portfolio, purse will grow

Rather than Trump forfeiting the $400,000 annual executive pay, supporters would be better rewarded if his personal gains from his new plans were equally distributed to the Rust Belt Trumpians and he kept only the $400,000 for himself. Tax...


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Promising proposal in Stonington to keep farms vital

In a state with high property values, especially near the shoreline, farmland preservation remains a challenging task.

New London steps up to keep that holiday feeling

Like its predecessor, the 'Evening of Giving' event will raise critically needed dollars for the Community Meal Center on Montauk Avenue.

As time wastes, prospects of launching 3rd casino dim

The strategy behind the third casino proposal remains solid. But the political support for it appears to be slipping away.


Cover Trump tweets, but substantiate or disprove

The heart of the question is: Why is this news? When it is the president-elect tweeting, the answer is pretty obvious.

Fiery Murphy could raise profile in Trump years

A demoralized team can use the kind of fight Sen. Chris Murphy is showing in his objections to some key Trump nominations.

After a mere 25 years, the triumph of the West is over

Donald Trump wants to continue the pull back from the world because the world is not good enough for us. That presupposes a fantasy world in which...