Dire implications for careless behavior

The guest editorial, “Would you be as honest?” (July 12), asks the wrong question; “Would you be as careless?” is more like it, the cab...

It's really Trump with pants on fire

If you believe Donald Trump, and polls show most people do, Hillary Clinton is a liar. He assures us he tells it like it is, "Believe me". Rather than take his word for it, however, I go to the nonpartisan website ""...

Follow police orders to assure safety

I have an idea which, I believe, would radically reduce (or eliminate) police-involved shootings. It costs nothing. No new laws are needed. Washington need not become involved. It is easily understood by any person above the age of...

Clinton, a criminal liar, deserves no support

There have been a couple letters recently quoting the number of deaths of ambassadors under different presidents. Though the quoted statistics are true, the difference is those were surprise attacks that no one saw coming. The ambassador in...

Attend meeting to end unfair Waterford Beach rules

Tuesday at 5 p.m., the Waterford Recreation and Parks Commission will hold their regularly scheduled meeting at the Waterford Community Center on Rope Ferry Road. If you are a Waterford resident who supports lifting the ban...

Catala will fight for St. Joseph school nurse

The New London Board of Education will need to look at some big issues over the next few months, one being the recent notice that the Waterford Public Schools will no longer participate as a partner in the continuation of the Friendship...

Investigate something real, the Iraq war crimes

I’m tired of hearing about Hillary’s emails and Benghazi. The FBI concluded Hillary was careless with her emails. Investigations found no wrongdoing on Benghazi. Now the Republicans want another investigation on the...

Amtrak should fix what we have first

I commend Sen. Richard Blumenthal and Rep. Joseph Courtney for promoting safety improvements to the existing Amtrak rail corridor in southeast Connecticut before engaging in new, expensive and disruptive route changes − “

The Day is funny, particularly opinion page

I would like to congratulate The Day for being the funniest newspaper. The stories you print have me laughing almost every morning. The way you omit and tweak the facts is amazing and makes for humorous reading. The way the editors...

Sometimes racism in eye of beholder

Time for me to set the record straight. Gerald Drury's letter, “No racial profiling for any reason,” (July 14), amounts to calling...

Have to be crazy to support Clinton

Imagine that you or I had done the following: used a private server at home through which classified government information passed, sent 113 classified emails (including Top Secret) from a private email server, failed to provide thousands of...

Bad and worse

Now here’s a first. We’re actually about to elect a commander-in-chief who has clearly demonstrated she cannot be trusted with a top secret security clearance only because we’re afraid of what the other guy might do.


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Encouraging more offshore wind farms

State and federal governments should do what they can to encourage the development of this renewable energy source.

Democrats need to fix unfair primary process

Sen. Sanders' biggest legacy from this campaign may be in changing how Democrats select their presidential nominees.

A beautiful effort begins in Stonington

In Stonington, the train station project is a worthy first step, but the committee has bigger plans.


Can the Democrats stay out of their own way?

The purloined emails, published on the WikiLeaks website, only increase the ire and resentment of unreconciled Sanders supporters that the fix was in.

GOP’s own version of the nanny state

Republicans and conservatives in particular claim to want small, stingily funded government but they’re making bigger demands about what...

If Democrats want sure victory, simply dump Clinton

Only Clinton could lose to Trump and vice versa. What a depressing election.