Trump's Korean rhetoric is reason for concern

President Trump continues to demonstrate he lacks the aptitude, integrity and disposition in leading our great country. Trump is more concerned about his image and making his loyal supporters happy, than in bringing our country together. Trump...

Groton has forgotten sidewalks for pedestrians

What is the point of additional sidewalks if they are continuously obstructed by work crew signs, police cars and private vehicles? It should be mandated that anyone working for Groton not occupy sidewalks with signs that could be placed...

New London's repaired sidewalks look great

Not the most important issue that we face today, but I disagree with David Collins' assessment of the sidewalk work done in New London recently, "

Support clean elections, keep program in place

The Citizens' Election Program (CEP) has been a successful, bipartisan Connecticut program protecting our state elections from big money influence, so that once a participant is elected, no favors are owed. As such, it has diminished...

Trump bashing by Connecticut's representatives won't help the state

The biggest mistake our Connecticut representatives in Washington can make is to continue their stupid anti-Trump remarks. This is especially true when you consider that only the two submarines now under construction have been funded and not...

Elect Alisha Blake to the New London Board of Education

I've known Alisha Blake since 2005. In my early interactions with Alisha I learned that she deals with everyone around her with a gracious spirit. She has this way of making people feel heard when they are talking to her. People turn to Alisha...

Former Scout disappointed with jamboree speech

This is in respond to the letter, “Recalling a great man after ‘disgusting’ address,” (Aug. 3). The...

Public must demand more of New London's schools

The New London tax rate has increased and the Board of Education and City Council refuse to address a bloated school budget. We can no longer continue to throw millions at an ineffective school system. We need to rethink how we manage the...

Students and columnist were unfair to Spicer

David Collins asks if Sean Spicer will remember his alma mater, “Will Sean Spicer remember his alma mater when he gets...

It's time for term limits in the Senate

I was disappointed to see that, even via osmosis, Sen. Mitch McConnell failed to learn anything from Sen. Harry Reid. It seemed Senator Reid could get his minions to fall into formation with hardly any effort while Senator McConnell seems...

Trump loyalists a shrinking species

“Trump looks to loyal voters as support slips, agenda stalls,” (Aug. 8), means he’s not looking at the...

Settle it with dueling pistols?

I remember the Cuban Missile Crisis well. I think anyone then over the age of 10 would remember it. Very trying times indeed. Thank God we had someone at the head of our country who did not lose his cool but knew how to be strong and...


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Upheaval in New London school system

Not only does the city face the challenge of finding a new superintendent, but it also confronts major change in the makeup of the school board.

Municipal relief must accompany state cuts

Past panels have examined what mandates are needlessly burdensome and probed ideas for regional services. It is time to implement relief.

Trump contributed to the scene in Charlottesville

These hate groups are out of the closet. Trump helped pry open the door. He appears disinclined to try to close it.


Columnist David Ignatius

Back from the brink, Korean war talk cools

Kim’s problem in the escalating crisis has been that he faced a united front from the U.S. and China — backed by South Korea, Japan and...

Columnist Eugene Robinson

Trump’s empathy for white racial grievance is nothing new

The president’s Monday reversal was clearly a political calculation. I believe what we heard Saturday was simply a genuine first reaction.

Jennifer Rubin

Trump condemns neo-Nazis only after badgering

Not to have rejected immediately the support or to tell the neo-Nazis they misunderstood his message shocks even the most jaded Trump critics.