Great holiday event for a great cause

\nThe Chamber of Commerce of Eastern Connecticut Foundation will again in 2015 issue thousands of dollars in grants to area social service agencies and nonprofits that will directly benefit the children of New London County.

Focus on curtailing black-on-black crime

The national uproar of citizen protest against police brutalization of black suspects have now achieved a unique distinction by including several leading medical universities. We are clearly at a watershed moment revealing no signs of dissipation.

Stonington solar project could have helped many

On Dec. 9, Stonington’s Zoning Board of Appeals heard ZBA #14-18 to permit a variance for a ground mounted solar array for residential use in an industrial zone.

'Frozen' float was picture perfect

The Day missed the float in their coverage of the Niantic Light Parade. A picture of the winning float “Frozen” by Sign Craft would have been nice to see. It was the best float in years!\n

Ignatius Iran column fundamentally flawed

The column, “Iran at an impasse, nuclear threat looms,” (Nov. 28), by David Ignatius on the impasse in the negotiations with Iran is based on a faulty premise. \n

Food donation demand continues to grow

This year marks the Fifth anniversary of The New London Food Coalition (New London Food Bank). Three days a week an all volunteer team hands out food to those in need.

Small, swift print

A written message, or a mane appears on the TV screen, and in a flash, it is gone.

Affordable Care Act doesn't go far enough

One of the common underlying misconceptions about the Affordable Care Act is that it is not working well because it is government run. And because it is government run, it is expensive and rationing health care.

Guard CIA secrets

A lot can be said about the Senate Intelligence Committee report on alleged CIA abuses, “CIA chief defends agency,” (Dec. 12), including this: Trying to publicly micromanage America’s secret service through hindsight may make for watchable political...

Ledyard Town Council must do its homework

One member of the Town Council feels the Board of Education is unprofessional and the Chair feels it is Catholic school upbringing made her a straight shooter.

Obamacare red tape worsening her health

I am on the Husky D Health Insurance through the Obamacare and I been having nothing but problems with getting prescriptions filled.

Costly water line a mistake for Montville

As a well-informed citizen of Montville I am at a loss for why the Town Of Montville WPCA would push so hard to install a water line to the high school with a price tag of almost seven million dollars plus interest on the backs of all tax payers.


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Coltsville should boost Connecticut tourism

It may take years, but Coltsville National Park could be game changer for Connecticut.

Historic shift toward Cuba the right one

A long overdue change in policy toward Cuba has arrived.

Stonington accord

New beginning for Stonington.


Damage and discredit feeding of lone wolves

Those who act alone often inspired by success of terrorist networks.

Congress undermines IRS, encourages tax avoidance

Want to make deficit worse and taxes higher? Keep cutting the IRS.

Presidential timber growing in Indiana

National could follow Indiana's lead with tax-cutting, education reform candidate.