U.S. Green Party remains activist, irrelevant

While Jill Stein makes anti-establishment statements, her German counterparts have been advancing a green agenda in local, regional and national government for the past 30 years

Utah: Political conscience of the nation

You don’t have to agree with the sentiment to be impressed by it. There’s a word for this moral non-hypocrisy: It’s called sincerity. And it deserves to be acknowledged.

A step toward diaper changing equality

President Barack Obama just signed a bathroom law that I bet we can all get behind.

Realistic approach to improving U.S. airports

It may be one of the only topics the major party presidential candidates agreen on; the U.S. needs to upgrade its aging airport infrastructure.

Trump bombed ultimate reality TV show

Trump's performance was the rhetorical equivalent of hurling garbage on the lawn.

Why Trump lost that first debate

Trump seemed to run out of things to say early. She, on the other hand, got better after her over-scripted beginning.

How media portrayals affect black girls

The study can help moms, dads, other family members and teachers understand the pop culture effect on black girls, and then get them to know the truth.

Let debates begin, no refs required

The moderator's job is to nudge the candidates toward topics that lead to promises, both on the issues and on how they intend to behave as president.


Answer ‘yes’ to the $20 million question

Groton can spend the money to fix schools right, or provide Band-Aid repairs that will end up costing local taxpayers almost as much.

Groton can't afford it, vote 'no' on school project

Unfortunately, Groton has a history of sending the voters extravagant school projects.

Why voter anger? ‘It’s the economy, stupid!’

The economy for most Americans is not getting better, it is getting worse.

Focus on zoning, not on occupants

A majority of the proposed changes that would allow development of the Edgerton school property for affordable housing come from within current regulations.

Meatless Monday humane and good for kids

Meatless Monday is a great way to tackle childhood obesity. A healthier generation of students is counting on us.

Educational investment that works and is affordable

It’s no wonder that the waiting list for magnet schools in Hartford has more than 15,000 students, almost four times the number of seats available.

For state candidates Trump is wrong test

The real test: “Are you dedicated to rebuking the economic policies championed by Governor Malloy and the legislative Democratic majority?"

State failed 'Dylan' by dropping attorney program

Doing away with a policy meant to assure threatened children has the legal protection they needed has proved to be a terrible mistake.

Train crash survivor blames crass politics

'I’m happy to be home with my family − there were moments when I thought I might never see them again.'

Building a better road to a college community

Beyond making the road safer for pedestrians, re-engineering the Mohegan Avenue corridor would also help to restore a sense of place to Connecticut College.


Plans to extend Route 11 pass into history

After two decades, a plan that made much sense falls victim to regulatory hurdles and high cost.

Incumbent McCarty in 38th House District

McCarty will join other Republicans in demanding structural change in state budgeting and working toward fiscal sustainability.

Hong, a fighter, in Norwich's 46th

Bonnie Hong seems particularly well suited to represent Norwich’s 46th District in the state House of Representatives.


Conscience money could help opioid crisis

Prescription painkillers were developed to ease suffering, but they have also produced an epidemic of overdose deaths. Those who promoted them and...

My write-in vote, 2 weeks to decide

I will not vote for Hillary Clinton. But I could never vote for Donald Trump.

Election Day approaches, world holds its breath

Traveling on three continents over the past two months, I have heard widespread anxiety about the state of the world and who will lead the U.S.