Will taps forever continue to sound?

If either of us happens to glance at a gravestone with, say, a 1944 date of death, we’ll never make it through that last long, gently fading note of taps withouth sobbing.

Political War for Middle Kingdom

Here in Connecticut, the Sanders' crowd likely will cautiously embrace Clinton, the prospective nominee of their party.

Don't inhibit pain relief for those in need

Doctors have become sheriffs, questioning us as we writhe in pain. Pharmacies keep logs of who fills what opioid where as we cower at the counter under wary glances.

Who are you calling stupid? Oh, that would be us..

When Germans start complaining that you're electing a crazy man, you know you've got problems.

The elite, working-class divide on illegal immigration

The elites benefit from illegal immigration while the common person feels the sting of its impact.

Talk about an untraditional election!

Hillary Clinton epitomizes the Democratic establishment. Donald Trump is an outsider who challenged the Republican establishment.

Supreme Court majority ignores obvious: Big Money is corrupting

According to the court, as long as you don’t say the magic words of exchanging this for that, your financial support is not corrupting.

Trump needs GOP establishment support

If Republican leadership walks away from Trump, the party can expect a drubbing.


This 'national debt' we can pay off daily

Let us be more aware that we stand on the shoulders of sacrificing and courageous ancestors

Not Scott’s fault Groton school funding blocked

It was a state official who went back on the promise of added state funding for Groton school construction, not Rep. Scott.

Griswold location best option to give troopers needed training

Currently, troopers train on a range in Simsbury situated at the base of Avon Mountain, well within a flood plain, and abutted by the Farmington River.

Diverse duo helped make Niantic Bay Boardwalk a reality

Many will enjoy the beautiful shoreline walk because of bipartisan leadership and the dedication of many volunteers.

The time is right for term limits

The recent budget challenges in state government show that it is time to shake things up in Hartford. A good place to start reform is in the legislature itself.

Traditional college not always best path into today's job market

While college has long been the preferred path to higher education, more and more young people today are considering alternative routes.

Mohegan Riverwalk project would boost economy

The Mohegans, who on Friday announced their plans to purchase the nearly 400-acre property, have a powerful vision for the Preston Riverwalk.

Boost sub production for national security

America faces a decade-long gap in American undersea power that is a threat to national and global security.

She is laid off as 1% grows richer

'How can the richest state in the country fire middle class public servants when there are clearly better and smarter choices to make?'

Save Edgerton's middle class

Why accelerate the decline of a community that is slipping down out of the middle-class by adding low-income housing?


Honoring silent sentinels on Memorial Day

'The soldier above all other people prays for peace, for he must bear and suffer the deepest wounds and scars of war.'

Clinton undercut by self-inflicted damage

Hillary Clinton’s greatest vulnerability as a candidate is the perception among a large segment of the voting public that she cannot be...

Lighthouse Inn will need a beach

The first of several major steps in getting a plan for the historic inn is to make sure its guests can go to the beach. A deal needs to be struck,...


State park visitors can skip the change

In the recent legislative session, lawmakers lifted what was arguably a form of triple taxation.

Obama sets aside arrow of history

One of Obama's favorite quotations is about the arrow of history: “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.”

Cure for expensive cities is moving vans

Would turning our old cities into soulless Singapores make these places more affordable?