Guns on Campus won deter mass shootings

College and university campuses are already safer than other public places. Introducing concealed weapons will not deter or reduce any campus crime.

Let armed college students protect themselves

Our only effective recourse to prevent or minimize future mass shootings is to arm as many good college students as possible.

Our violent culture is unlikely to change

Omar Mateen is just one more mass murderer among hundreds, very few of whom are Muslims.

Give states power to redirect Medicaid funds

Let states create safety net programs of their own to substitute for ineffective federal ones.

Will shifting attitudes mean the end of zoos?

Is the enjoyment that humans derive from looking at animals sufficient to justify keeping them in captivity?Is the enjoyment that humans derive from looking at animals sufficient to justify keeping them in captivity? Yes.


Renewed museum location debate risks losing it

Many talented designers, planners and engineers, both in and out of government are working hard to design an environmentally and structurally sound museum on the waterfront.

'Very unsettling' plover deaths threaten species

The actions of a few diminish the shoreline experience and threaten to reduce access to the shoreline for all.

Seaside Master Plan fails several tests

The state has produced a plan for Seaside State Park unlike any of the proposals it discussed with the public.

Perpetual-growth economy is impossible goal

Classical economic theories assume that unlimited resources in a finite world can provide for the unlimited desires of mankind. Unfortunately, the resources are limited.

Stopping heroin at the source

It's difficult to win this fight while the heroin keeps flowing in.

The time Ali finally came home to his class reunion

'He was 43 years old and beautiful; heavier, slower, but still gorgeous.'

Orlando attack shook her to the core

A shared bond is what makes the safety and solidarity of the LGBTQ community so profoundly important.

Coast Guard Museum location debate 'is over'

Despite what critics say, the downtown location offers the best access, visibility, sustainability and positive economic impact for the entire city.

Provide Pawcatuck sidewalk to prevent more tragedy

The absence of a sidewalk is not just a matter of public safety — it’s a moral issue.

New CT tourism website worth the visit

The website allows the visitor to focus on a particular region of interest such as Mystic Country, the center of tourism in Connecticut.


Opening old records could help new veterans

State law should allow the release of medical records from long-ago wars to help treatment of victims of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The Obama dynamic

The president's increasing approval ratings could change the nature of the campaign and the Republican strategy of running against his legacy.

UConn's special few

How is it fair for several top officials at the state university to get such whopping pay increases when sacrifices are asked of students and many in...


Brexit’s cautionary tale for Trump supporters

The gap between what Trump promises and what he can possibly deliver is even wider than in the Brexit example.

Britain to EU: Good riddance

Brits were tired of being dictated to by an unelected and unaccountable elite in Brussels and tired of the wave of immigrants who refused to...

Why voters prefer She’s Not Trump

When I asked Clinton rally attendees what they liked most about her policy platform, the most common response I got was some version of: She’s...