Trump gained more than delegates in N.Y.

Everything worked: Trump finally cleared 50 percent in a primary, with plenty to spare.

Thanks, Bernie, but it's time to go

Sanders has now acquired an almost pathetic desperation in his attacks on Clinton.

Indiana abortion law will produce suffering

Rather than protecting life, Indiana's anti-abortion law will only prolong suffering.

Trump exposed as pro-life pretender

Anyone remotely familiar with the pro-life cause knows that its advocates don’t want to punish women. Trump does not understand this.

Obama catches Reagan in late-term approval

President's growing approval ratings could be bad news for Republican chances of capturing the White House.

Using political leverage to attack poverty

Blacks now have the political opportunity that Dr. King dreamed of to demand justice. The question is whether they have the will.


Sanders could easily return to irrelevant

Now that Bernie Sander’s is used to being a big deal, he’s going to want the campaign treatment to continue. That could be tough.

Face it Hillary, you need Bernie

Hillary Clinton needs to make a far more sincere attempt to reach out to the millions who have rallied behind Sander's political revolution.

Education must be New London’s top priority

A strong public school system is a pillar of any city looking to attract development, increase its tax base and provide opportunity for all.

Make truckers pay for road damage

'Large trucks do serious damage to roads and bridges, with some analysts saying they are responsible for as much as 99 percent of the wear and tear.'

Republicans ready to attack budget crisis

The GOP's fiscal framework protects funding for social safety net services for the disabled, those with mental health needs, children, the elderly and those in poverty

Somers: I’m ‘outsider’ ready to fight

Through the frenzy of proposals to suck eastern Connecticut dry the region has had remarkably little in the way of real representation.

Coming panel discussion could be lifesaver

'You can understand why I am passionate about this. BRCA testing saved my daughter’s life.'

Passero talks about his team, school funding and charter rules

There just seemed to be no point in going through some sort of a search for the chief administrative officer when I felt, personally, that I had the best person.

Murder in Norwich tied to failed deportation policies

The man who murdered Casey Chadwick should have never been among the American public. He should have been detained or back in Haiti.

Murphy wants locally grown on school plates

Farm-to-school programs are so important for our kids. They teach them about healthy eating, community engagement, and social responsibility.


Cuts, as promised

Republicans elected to the Norwich City Council said they would cut taxes and, painfully, they are.

Will Conn. get 'responsible conclusion' to budget crisis?

The governor will have the greatest influence on how this fiscal debate plays out.

Mexican tall ship will brighten a Monday

Commanded by Capt. Pedro Mata Cervantes, the Cuauhtémoc is scheduled to arrive at 10 a.m.


Trump or Clinton? Say it ain't so

No presidential election in modern times has offered as much opportunity for a third-party challenge.

Trump's victory won't mean anything Nov. 8

Trump's victory in the Connecticut Republican primary, dominated by white men, won't be repeated in the general election with its diverse electorate.

The world according to Trump, Obama redux

Trump, like Obama, is animated by the view that we are overextended and overinvested abroad.