Trump’s itchy Twitter finger triggers speculation

For Trump to entertain the prospect of an indictment is an unforced error that plants questions about whether he has any reason to think an indictment might be coming.

Once more, John McCain was the hero

McCain referenced what many yearn for -- collaborative, compromising work in Washington for the sake of incremental progress of the kind that has made this nation freer, more prosperous and powerful than any other.

Silence from Ivanka and Jared, but just wait

The power couple may not agree with the attacks on the environment, transgender citizens or health care, but they are waiting to be heard at the right time. That is probably a long time away.

More turning to hospice, but perhaps too late

Many patients receive expensive care until nearly the end, when they’re switched to hospice care. This obviously limits the potential for reducing costs and for relieving patients’ suffering.


If Net Neutrality dies, the Internet dies too

The rules that protect us from abusive practices are in the process of being repealed by the new FCC. There is no overstating the disastrous effects this will have on our economy.

Republicans blameless for state budget woes

Power lies solely with the Democratic leaders who have refused to vote on not only Republican budgets but also refused to hold votes on the governor’s budget and mini-budget proposals.

Rabbis of Eastern Connecticut: ‘We are appalled’

'We cannot stand idly by in the face of hatred ... the Jewish community must be united with all communities to work against anti-Semitism, racism and discrimination in all its forms.'

For this veteran, Korea's division is personal

Koreans yearn for a unified and peaceful Korea. Many young South Koreans don’t understand what’s taken so long.

Eclipse foreshadows future of state marshes

The extra gravitational pull from the alignment of the sun and moon will be enough to put our low-lying tidal marshes under a few more centimeters of water than on a typical day.

Trump’s babble in the face of tragedy

One of the difficult but primary duties of the modern presidency is to speak for the nation in times of tragedy. Not every president does this equally well. But none has been incapable. Until Donald Trump.

Democrats lost their base and must now rebuild

The Democratic Party is mainly urban, coastal, social issue-directed, identity politics-focused, global in outlook, and digital economy-oriented. They are losing elections by not projecting a compelling message to working-class, middle-America.

Reaping many benefits of community gardens

'Our mission is to encourage and support community gardens in our region in order to create healthful food choices for all residents and to increase food security.'

Time to move forward on New London Charter

Amendments are necessary to the charter to tighten up wording and prevent administrative abuse from continuing.

Train skilled workers, create good jobs with good wages

House Republicans's zeroing out of apprenticeship training grants would weaken the Fitzgerald Act provisions that built the foundations of the U.S. war effort in World War II. Now is not the time to weaken job training.


New York dredging lawsuit will hurt Connecticut

Gov. Andrew Cuomo's adamant objection to the EPA-approved site for dredged soils in Connecticut waters is selective and dismissive.

Expanding Medicare is a proposal worth debating

Proposals such as this, which provide incremental change and build upon existing policies, provide the best chance for fixing the nation’s...

Bannon's departing warning for Democrats

As detestable as Bannon's politics may be, his political instincts that President Trump could win the White House proved correct.


Columnist Richard Cohen

Trump's erstwhile supporters have much to account for

Some of the same people who knew the dark truth about Trump — who would not do business with him, who would not lend him money and who, most...

Columnist Froma Harrop

National security demands Trump's removal

If his insiders abandoned him, Trump could be more smoothly eased out of the Oval Office. Impeachment? Twenty-fifth Amendment? Doesn't matter.

Columnist Paul Choiniere

Dr. Malloy hit lawmakers Friday with shock therapy

Nothing focuses the mind of a politician more than watching pork being ripped away from the bone in the district where they will have to stand for...