Ideology of the right has credibility issue

Obamacare is working better than even its supporters expected, but its enemies say that the good news proves nothing, because nobody predicted anything different.

Unlike abortion issue, same-sex divisions won't linger

The implication is clear: Same-sex marriages are unlikely to produce anything like the social divisions associated with abortion.

Hillary Clinton and Eleanor Roosevelt? There is no comparison

Mrs. Roosevelt was a warm and generous personality. She craved an anonymity that allowed her unfettered contact with the world. None of that describes Hillary Clinton.

Old-time economics would better serve Europe

The point is that it’s wrong to claim, as many do, that policy failed because economic theory didn’t provide the guidance policymakers needed. In reality, theory provided excellent guidance, if only policymakers had been willing to...

Presidential election unlike any since Civil War

The campaign for president will play out over the next two years, but anyone paying attention should know already what this is about and which party to choose.


Finding unity to help North Stonington schools

Those who want to see schools upgraded can take some encouragement from the fact that voters in Ledyard and Stonington recently approved large school...

Focus on violent criminals and rehabilitation

Rather than being soft on crime, these alternative approaches can lower crime and the cost of government, which is why nationally it is receiving...

Vast federal government waste

Spotlighting waste is the first step toward eliminating it.


On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a fraud

As we know, on the Web interested parties or crazy people can create a phony consensus.

Cops, courts, prosecutors align to promote secrecy

The police can now withhold anything beyond the name, address, date, time and charges.

The drone wars, strikes against morality

Some degree of collateral human damage should be considered the rule, not the exception.