Till we meet again

I hope we can all share in these tips for maintaining optimism. Whether young or old, just starting a career, looking at imminent retirement like me, or well into the retirement years, we can all agree it's always better to look at the positive side...

Wellness tips for diabtes

Diet and lifestyle are vital to diabetes management. Start your wellness plan today by following the tips outlined here.

Caregivers need care sometimes, too

According to estimates from the National Alliance for Caregiving, there are 44.4 million American caregivers (21 percent of the adult population) age 18 and older who provide unpaid care to an adult age 18 or older. Sometimes caregivers are so...

Nine things people with cancer want you to know

I asked several friends and neighbors who are cancer survivors to share some insight into their experience, specifically, "What one thing do you wish people would know, do or say?" I was surprised at some of their answers.