Problems uncovered with historic properties owned by Connecticut Landmarks

In a series of columns, David Collins has reported on the conditions of various historic properties owned by Connecticut Landmarks, including one in Stonington and...

Do childhood favorite movies still hold up to adult scrutiny?

Is Rick still scared by zombie movies? Will Pete’s kids love The Goonies and The Princess Bride as much as he did? We reflect on the movies we saw as children and...

Cassius Chaney preparing to fight at Madison Square Garden

Keith talks with New London boxer Cassius Chaney about his upcoming fight on March 3 at Madison Square Garden, and complains about the Winter Olympics.

Recorded History A submarine hall of famer tells tales of the silent service

Eighty-eight-year-old James Mosely of Waterford, the first African-American medical corpsman to go through the Navy’s nuclear training school, remembers the day...

Podcast: The Storyline

Independent candidates for governor, flu vaccines and the latest on North Stonington's school building project

This week we talk to candidates for governor and lieutenant governor of Connecticut and we get the latest on the flu season and North Stonington's school building project.

Podcast: Recorded History

Bringing the past back to life in the Whaling City

New London City Historian Sally Ryan talks about the early days of Ocean Beach, the Hurricane of 1938 and urban renewal, drawing extensively from personal experiences.

Podcast: Sports Doctor

Ernie DiGregorio on his life in basketball

Ernie DiGregorio looks back on his basketball career at Providence College and in the NBA, sharing stories about playing against Bill Walton and Julius Erving, and alongside John Havlicek and Dave Cowens.

Podcast: Leave Work Now

Rick on the Grammys: Where were the musicians?

Rick opines on the latest Grammy awards, lamenting that pop performance and spectacle have pushed out musicianship. He approves of Bruno Mars, but Cardi B? not so much.

Podcast: The Storyline

How one reporter handles stories about deep personal loss

Lindsay Boyle talks to us about two recent stories she wrote dealing with deep personal loss and she shares how she prepares for these very personal and emotional stories.

Podcast: The Storyline

A 7-hour rescue of a sailor at sea, icebreaking on the Connecticut and the latest on the Seaside property

We talk to Julia Bergman about a complex 7-hour rescue at sea of a wounded submarine sailor and about a recent Coast Guard mission to break up accumulated ice on the Connecticut River.

Podcast: Sports Doctor

Joe Morelli on boys’ basketball and Casey O’Neill on the best broadcasters of all time

Joe Morelli of The New Haven Register and breaks down the top boys' basketball teams in Connecticut, and Casey O’Neill reflects on the passing of Keith Jackson and where he rates among the all-time best sports broadcasters.

Podcast: The Storyline

Trump expletive, bomb cyclones and emergency responders

We talk to Paul Choiniere for his initial reaction to reports of Trump using profanity to describe immigrants from African countries.

Podcast: Sports Doctor

Coast Guard men’s basketball coach Kevin Jaskiewicz

The U.S. Coast Guard Academy men’s basketball team is off to an 8-3 start. Keith talks with head coach Kevin Jaskiewicz about the differences between coaching in Divisions I, II and II, and recruiting players to a service academy. Coast Guard...

Podcast: The Storyline

Millennials who start businesses and pursue their careers, passions in southeastern Connecticut

We talk to reporters about the featured millennials and how and why they were chosen.

Podcast: Sports Doctor

Boys’ basketball coaches Jeff Bernardi, John Luzzi and Neal Cobleigh

How high are the expectations for Dev Ostrowski and his surrounding cast? Can Stonington finally advance deeper in the state playoffs? How do you field a competitive team at the smallest school in the conference? Boys' basketball coaches Jeff...

Podcast: The Storyline

Theater marquee draws lots of attention, a tale of two local businesses, Gold Star Bridge detours and more

This week we talk about the local reaction to the Garde marquee, the future of two local businesses, ongoing issues with the Gold Star Bridge and more.

Podcast: Leave Work Now

Reflecting on 2017

Rick and Peter think back on their work and musical listening habits of the past year.

Podcast: Recorded History

New book chronicles disasters in southeastern Connecticut

John Ruddy and Dirk Langeveld, authors of the new coffee-table book published by The Day titled “When Disaster Strikes: Shipwrecks, Storms and Other Calamities in Southeastern Connecticut,” tell how they found out about little-known...

Podcast: The Storyline

A reporter transitions from the serenity of ballet to the snowy scene of a fatal shooting

Arts feature writer Mary Biekert talks about a Saturday when she covered a world-renowned ballerina then quickly changed gears to cover the scene of a fatal shooting.

Podcast: Recorded History

Gail MacDonald talks about Morton F. Plant, builder of the Branford House at Avery Point

Gail MacDonald, associate professor in residence at UConn, joined us to talk about her new book on Morton F. Plant, a millionaire industrialist who built the Branford House at Avery Point in Groton.

Podcast: The Storyline

Stories from the week that impact southeastern Connecticut

This week I talk to reporters about stories they are working on or have recently written and ask them to give us an overview and to tell us why the stories might have an impact on our communities.

Podcast: Sports Doctor

Holly Misto and the Whalers are ready to defend their state title

How will the Whalers handle the pressure of being the defending state champions? Who will step into the vacancies left by the graduation of India Pagan and Jada Lucas? New London girls' basketball coach Holly Misto previews the 2017-18 basketball...

Podcast: The Storyline

Issues of trust and transparency addressed by The Day newsroom

We talked to The Day’s publisher Gary Farrugia about what differentiates The Day from other news organizations and to Erica Moser and Peter Huoppi about the Trusting News project.

Podcast: Leave Work Now

A year on the road with Pocket Vinyl

Singer/pianist Eric Stevenson of the piano/painting duo Pocket Vinyl talks about their new documentary Drive. Play. Sleep. Through dozens of interviews and on-the-road footage, the film tells the story of independent, do-it-yourself musicians...