Deadly Addiction: Heroin

Faith, recovery and sharing a way of life for Norwich man

Faith, recovery and sharing a way of life for Norwich man

Fifty-two year old Frank Novajovsky heads up the local chapter of Reformers Unanimous, a faith-based recovery program at the Stedfast Baptist Church in Groton. This year, he also has been involved in a community effort to help those addicted to opioids, attending vigils and offering help and prayer.

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New London man pleads guilty in connection with two overdose deaths

A New London man who provided the heroin with fentanyl that led to the overdose deaths of two women in May 2016 pleaded guilty Wednesday in U.S. District Court.

Norwich health center awarded grants to combat opioid crisis

United Community & Family Services last week was named one of 16 centers statewide and more than 1,100 nationwide to receive federal funding made available as the country’s opioid crisis worsens.

Following lead of others, New London syringe exchange opens

More than 25 years after the first syringe exchange program began operating in Connecticut, one has now opened in New London County.

Police: Marijuana odor led to K-9 car search in Old Lyme fentanyl case

Two men were charged with possession of narcotics and possession of more than one ounce of narcotics with intent to sell after troopers said they found a 2.3-pound brick of compressed white powder, suspected to be fentanyl, under the rear seat cushion of a silver Honda Accord.

The neighbors are recovering addicts

New London is taking the lead in regulating sober houses for recovering addicts in the opioid crisis.

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Treat opioid crisis as a national emergency

In a recent report, the commission, chaired by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, urged President Trump to declare a national emergency. He should.

Opioid plague demands more federal attention

If 50,000 Americans were dying annually of food poisoning, terrorism or shark attacks, it would get action. But the overdose plague goes relatively unnoticed.

In addiction cases, treat the whole person

Connecticut already has a fairly robust system of social service, mental and physical health providers. They need to better coordinate their efforts.

Chipping away at opioid hold on youth

When a teenager or a very young adult is addicted, more future is at stake. A new federal grant will be applied to recovery services for youth in New London and Norwich.

Another step forward

In addressing the passage of the bill, Gov. Malloy was on target in calling the opioid issue “a complex crisis that does not have one root cause, nor does it have simple solution.” But the legislation approved in the recent session is part of the solution.

Draft drugmakers for war on opioid abuse

Endangering of federal funds to treat opioid abuse signals that it's time to look for more allies. Number one should be companies profiting from the sale of opiate painkillers, as called for in Senate bill.

Seeking fiscal support for sober house effort

Making sure those in recovery have the information they need to pick a quality sober house is a big, but worthwhile challenge.

Cautious on court reform

Whether the judicial process can be improved when it comes to providing help rather than prison for drug addicts is a worthwhile discussion to have.

Bipartisan crisis response

The challenge will be adequately parsing the various proposals to determine the most effective, while guarding against unintended and potentially counterproductive consequences.

Cures law proves Washington can work

The legislation should get life-saving and life-enhancing drugs and medical devices to market sooner; boost the availability of mental health treatment; and provide some needed federal dollars to combat the crisis of heroin addiction.