Aussie soft-pop duo Air Supply play Garde Saturday

Air Supply (Contributed)
Air Supply (Contributed)

It's not easy for me to multi-task. Even something theoretically simple can confound me: A) Remove Frito from bag. B) Insert into mouth and chew. (Ask the otolaryngologist who had to surgically remove a corn chip from my nose.)

I bring this up because, here at work, I might be listening to a particular artist in order to write about them/him/her with up-to-the-minute knowledge and empathy. But at the same time I'll already be working on a piece about a different artist. And sometimes I get confused. In fact, it just happened. I typed:

"Soft rock duo Air Supply, performing Saturday in New London's Garde Arts Center, will take listeners on a whirling, time signature-fracturing bullet train ride of exuberant, Dolphy/Monk-style post-bop —"

Wait! That description is what I was supposed to write about another band's bet in this section. (See if you can find it. Fun!)

Back to Air Supply: Featuring the planet-orbiting tenor of Russell Hitchock singing the tunes of guitarist Graham Russell, Air Supply have released 17 studio albums of saltwater-taffy-pop that turn each listening experience into Valentine's Day. There's no aspect of romantic love they haven't spun into musical dessert.

Air Supply, 8 p.m. Saturday, Garde Arts Center, 325 State St., New London; $59-$149; (860) 444-7373.


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