Road trip tip — Joe Jackson, Monday, The Strand, Providence

Not be weird or insensitive — or at least no more so than usual — but my blistered, fat-encased heart frog-jumped into my throat when I saw the headline: "Joe Jackson dead!" That's a shame, I thought. I loved Joe Jackson and, back in the Musician Days, we covered his "One More Time," "Different for Girls" and "Steppin' Out" — the latter of which required me adapting the galloping, octave-jumping synth bass line on my actual four-string. Tiring and not entirely convincing! Anyway, I got the wrong Joe Jackson. The dead guy is actually the father of Michael and Tito. RIP. Meanwhile, the '80s New Wave Joe Jackson is still with us. It's also worth noting he's still making fresh and great music as per 2015's "Fast Forward" CD. Jackson plays at 8 p.m. Monday at The Stand, 79 Washington St., Providence. Doors 7 p.m. Tickets are $40 advance, $45 day of show. (401) 331-5876.


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