Jonatha Brooke sings at The Kate Thursday

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Jonatha Brooke is like a music machine where the on/off switch broke and tunes just keep pouring out. That wouldn't work so well with Bret Michaels but, with Brooke, it's a treasure trove that keeps on giving.

The Fountain of Brooke has produced over a dozen albums, soundtrack tunes for film and television, a collaboration with Katy Perry, even a project where she wrote and arranged music and melodies for a batch of unpublished/unheard Woody Guthrie lyrics.

Earlier this spring, Brooke released a new five-song EP called "Imposter," and it's just effortlessly great. She has a versatile, confident, almost sassy delivery, and her instinct for a carnival-ride verse/chorus structure is top-notch. Each song on this release is a gem — part Broadway confessional, part Squeeze, and part wink-wink chamber pop — and if the song "Twilight" doesn't chop your heart into confetti, there's something wrong with you.

See Brooke tonight when she sings at The Kate.   

Jonatha Brooke, 7:30 tonight, Katharine Hepburn Cultural Arts Center, 300 Main St., Old Saybrook; $35; (860) 510-0453.


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