Book tip: "The Paper Wasp" by Lauren Acampora

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Book tip

The Paper Wasp

Lauren Acampora

With the character of Abby Graven narrating, “The Paper Wasp” provides an unnerving glimpse into an unstable mind. Abby begins the novel as an emotionally stunted adult, confined to a drab life in Michigan. She is obsessed with her childhood pal Elise, who has gone onto Hollywood fame. When Elise makes a passing comment at a reunion that Abby should look her up should she ever come to L.A., Abby makes her move, literally and figuratively. Abby’s reality is skewed, but her belief in her own vision — and visions — remain steadfast, even as she tries to become indispensable to Elise. If it all sounds a bit “Single White Female,” it’s not, and you can thank Acampora for that. Her writing is sublime, and she mines complexity and truth from each and every character.



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