Gov't Mule hits Garde Arts Center Saturday

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Occasionally at a Gov't Mule concert, the band, led by guitarist/vocalist/tunesmith Warren Haynes, will kick into a song, go through a few verse/chorus recitations — and then take off on a stampede of free-form improv. At those moments, you'd think Haynes had been profoundly influenced by Cream or Mountain or spent quality professional time playing with the Allman Brothers or members of the Grateful Dead.

Actually, I'm under-selling the jammy aspect of The Mule. These dudes were born to play, and their grinding, riff-webbed tunes are hooky even as they serve as launching pads for long-form and exhilarating sonic exploration. No two Mule set lists are ever the same, and no two Mule renditions of any one song are the same.

Their latest studio effort, "Revolution Come ... Revolution Go," started on Election Night 2016, comes from a darker place as a result of the Earth-changing events of that evening, but life goes on and, The Mule seems to tell us, we shall prevail. Saddle up and ride along when they hit the Garde Arts Center Saturday in New London at the Garde Arts Center. It's just another very cool show in the venue's expanding portfolio of artists and styles.

Gov't Mule, 8 p.m. Saturday, Garde Arts Center, 325 State St., New London; $45-$65; (860) 444-7373. 



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