Shooting Victim 'Confused,' But Not About Who Shot Him

The defense attorney for accused gunman Tavorus L. Fluker admittedly confounded shooting victim Lewis Camby was during cross-examination Monday.

”I'm confused,” he said at one point.

Attorney Susan T. Perkins was firing questions at Camby as the attempted murder trial of Fluker, 28, of Groton, continued in New London Superior Court. He was responding, “I don't remember,” or “I don't know” to many of them, and Perkins kept asking him to refresh his memory by reading written statements he had given to police.

Camby, 39, was shot with a .45-caliber pistol at Sully's Cafe in Groton on Feb. 9, 2007. The bullet narrowly missed his aorta, according to a doctor who treated him. A fragment remains lodged in his chest, but Camby survived to testify at the trial of the man he accuses of trying to kill him. He said Fluker confronted him that night about $300 that he owed a mutual friend. He said Fluker held the gun to his chin and threatened him, then shot him moments later as he stood in the side doorway of the bar.

Perkins highlighted inconsistences between a statement Camby gave to police after the shooting and a statement he made this June when he was interviewed in the state's attorney's office in preparation for the trial. In the first statement, Camby said he took the gun away from Fluker then gave it back, thinking the altercation was over. He described the weapon as a .45-caliber semi-automatic with brown grips. In his second statement - and his court testimony - Camby said he never saw the gun and had only “thought about” taking it from Fluker.

Camby also said that after the shooting he returned to the bar through the front door. But when Perkins showed him videotape from the scene, he admitted it appeared he came in through the side door. And while he initially said he had only called the mutual friend, Danette Robinson, once or twice on the night of the shooting, he said police had showed him phone records indicating he called her four or five times.

State's Attorney Michael L. Regan had just one follow-up question for Camby after Perkins finished her cross-examination.

”Back on Feb. 9, 2007 at Sully's, who shot you in the chest?” Regan asked. “Tavorus Fluker,” Camby responded.

The state also called to the witness stand Robinson, the mutual friend, who had dated Fluker's brother and was a long-time friend of Camby's. Robinson testified that she loaned Camby $300 with the understanding that if he did not repay her, their relationship was over. She said Camby did not repay her, and she considered the relationship over because he had done this to her many times during their 27-year friendship.

After Fluker was arrested, he called Robinson several times from prison, and on at least one occasion, they discussed the shooting.

”Did Mr. Fluker say he was present (when Camby was shot)?” Regan asked. “Yes,” she responded.

Perkins will cross-examine Robinson when the trial resumes today.
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