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From the e'er-fertile grove of regional original music, here are some recently harvested albums that have arrived in one form or another here at The Day arts department.


"Emeline at the Moon Tower"

Cosmodemonic Telegraph

Who he is: Longtime local pop wunderkind and increasingly assured presence on the New London scene.

If you like: Rhett Miller, Ryan Adams, Gin Blossoms, Owl City.

Recommended tracks: "Marianna," "Spinner," "Opinion," "Glorious You." Most every one, actually.



"I Have No Friends"

Tribe Muzik

Who they are: Former New London scene faves noted for their fusion-style jammery. They've relocated to Long Beach, Calif., and reinvented themselves as a post-millennial power trio!

If you like: Dinosaur Jr., Them Crooked Vultures, King's X.

Recommended tracks: "Things Need to Change," "I Have No Friends," "Come On Down."



"Whispers" EP

Cosmodemonic Telegraph

If you like: Neko Case, Lucinda Williams, 8½ Souvenirs.

Recommended tracks: "Whispers," "Campari," "The Night We Fell in Love."



"Stone the Hostess"


Who they are: Norwich quintet of classic rock dudes with plenty of years of soaking up the lore.

If you like: Steppenwolf, Blackfoot, Bob Seger, Mountain.

Recommended tracks: "Ride the Wheel," "Innocent Stranger."



"Charge of the Light Brigade"

Cosmodemonic Telegraph

Who they are: Longtime Mystic/New London indie-rock band with roots firmly planted in the local scene for two decades. "Brigade" is now available in download fashion; vinyl and CD versions are tentative for this spring.

If you like: Echo & the Bunnymen, the Doves, New Order.

Recommended tracks: "Roses," "AWOL," "Parabellum."

Info: Cosmodemonic Telegraph /Mystic Music Archive,


"Sinner's Circle Year One"

Sinner's Circle

Who they are: The 11 singer-songwriters from the first year's series of Sinner Circle artist-in-the-round acoustic sessions at New London's Bean & Leaf Café: Ben Parent, Liz Larson, Hugh Birdsall, John Fries, Jim Carpenter, Daphne Glover, Sandy Allen, Sue Menhart, Paul Brockett, Anne Castellano, and Nancy Brossard Parent.

If you like: The "MTV Unplugged," Nashville-style singer-songwriter roundabouts, the idea that a good song must stand on its own in cored-down fashion.

Recommended tracks: Jim Carpenter's "Sweet Amanda," Nancy Brossard Parent's "Widow," John Fries' "Jet Lag," Hugh Birdsall's "Take Me Home."



"You and Your Tribe"

Leverkuhn Records

Who he is: Mystic-based singer-songwriter enamored of piano-based pop's glory years in the '70s.

If you like: Fleetwood Mac, Michael McDonald, Supertramp, early Todd Rundgren.

Recommended tracks: "In Between," "Different Road," "Dwight's Song."




Cosmodemonic Telegraph

What this is: Latest Hygienic Art Show-timed compilation of the local music scene. Twenty-eight acts ranging from raw, post-millennial punk and determinedly indie rock to stunning roots music, clever pop, jazz/hip-hop and, well, just about anything you can think of.

Recommended tracks: "Ignite" by Above Below, "Cedar Grove" by Get Haunted, "Wasted Hours" by Anne Castellano, "Why Do You Do That" by Brad Bensko, "Tokyo Bay" by the Reducers, "Wailing City Girl" by the Original Sinners, "He Walks in Vain" by the Hoolios, "Remember When You Were Fun" by Fatal Film, and "Tinseltown" by the Tawny Twelve.



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