Golf cart regulation comes to a screeching halt

This is for those in East Lyme that own a golf cart: BEWARE. You can’t use them anymore.

Tonight the Board of Selectmen opted not to approve a regulation to allow golf carts to be used on town-owned roads. Selectmen spent eight months discussing the regulation and several meetings crafting the ordinance but it all came down to a legal opinion given by the town attorney.

He basically said the town could possibly be liable if, for instance, a golf cart user got in an accident.

It wasn’t a unanimous vote. Selectman Jack Hogan, who took initiative to draft the regulation and selectman Richard Wilson voted to move the ordinance along.

So check out my story in Thursday’s edition and tell me what you think. Or if you caught the action at tonight’s meeting and can’t wait to weigh in, tell me now your thoughts.

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