Simmons (insert wrestling-themed verb here) McMahon in Waterford


Rob Simmons no doubt toasted Waterford with one of his primary night martinis.

The former congressman took Waterford from Linda McMahon by a something to something ratio in Tuesday's GOP senate primary.

Sorry, I don't "do" math. I play the English major card early and indeed often. But if you can figure out ratios and such, by all means math-on to your heart's content.

All told, the Waterford tally was Simmons 500, McMahon 185, with Peter Schiff in third with 101.

In the other marquee match up Tuesday night, the Democratic nomination for governor, the town went to Dan Malloy 622-347 over Ned Lamont.

Malloy, which sounds like the name of an excellent novel by Samuel Beckett, cleaned up in eastern Connecticut, as expected.

Here's some more Waterford results:


2nd Congressional District:

Janet Peckinpaugh - 314
Daria Novak – 298
Doug Dubitsky – 134


Tom Foley – 333
Michael Fedele – 279
Oz Griebel – 161

Lt. Governor:

Lisa Wilson- Foley – 360
Mark D. Boughton -- 352

Attorney General

Martha Dean – 423
Ross Garber – 308


Lt. Governor:

Nancy Wyman – 678
Mary Glassman – 272

Secretary of the State:

Denise Merrill – 650
Gerry Garcia – 284


Kevin Lembo – 676
Michael Jarjura – 243

And in a new Waterford Notebook feature, the Rock 'n' Roll Non Sequitur:

This is former Jam and Style Council front man Paul Weller's cover of "The Poacher," originally sung by Ronnie Lane, of Faces fame.

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