Blumenthal supports all that is wrong

The voters in Connecticut need to take a serious and careful look at Richard Blumenthal before voting for him.

What I have seen in the 24 years I've been in Connecticut: He controls his TV face time. He picks the fights that make him look good. He has made sure that his past associates and donors have been taken care of when he takes on an issue. He knows exactly what he says because he controls the message. He hasn't run for other positions because he would have had to fight for them. His run for the senate looked easy for him until now.

The Competitive Enterprise Institute put out its latest report on state attorneys general and Blumenthal is the second worst in the nation. Read the report from this non-partisan group. He will support everything that is wrong with this current administration.

The midterm election comes down to this; do you vote for a career politician that will use and abuse the position as he has as attorney general or someone that doesn't need the position, but wants to do all she can to help America get back to its principles and regain its competitive edge? You decide.


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