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McMahon's values fall short of decent

Linda McMahon, a multi-millionaire who lives in Fairfield County, would like you to believe that World Wrestling Entertainment is a harmless soap opera and that she is a self-made businesswoman with the right family values.

In fact, the billion-dollar WWE is a provocative carnival show of steroid and silicone-enhanced, barely-clothed "wrestlers" who perform violent story lines with adult, often sexual, themes. Millions are spent marketing this garbage to children. Go to any toy store if you don't believe that. Ms. McMahon calls it her "cradle-to-grave" branding strategy.

This is a dangerous business where workers routinely die before the age of 50 because of heart attack, overdose, suicides and stroke.

In the case of WWE superstar Chris Benoit, it was murder-suicide when he killed his wife and small son. WWE contracts include a "death clause" to protect the McMahons from liability. These "employees" are hired as independent contractors so the McMahons do not pay into Social Security or provide benefits. These are the jobs she brags about.

The McMahon family business has made them very wealthy. Good for them. It will take more than $50 million to convince me she has the right values.

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