Pero helped bring city a good budget year

I want to congratulate Rob Pero on a very successful year as mayor of New London. As a member of the Board of Education, I was pleased that he initiated meetings with the board to discuss important issues between the two committees.

Mayor Pero put the issue of self-insurance for health coverage on the table as one of the first items to discuss and the board and city eventually agreed to self-insurance. This issue alone helped to save the board more than $250,000.

Mayor Pero stated at the beginning of these joint meetings that while the city might not be able to provide additional funding to the board, he would personally help to reduce cost through efficiencies and would provide for other areas of funding.

Mayor Pero requested that the board submit an application for funding through the federal block grant funds last year for additional programing at the high school. The board submitted a proposal for additional after-school programs at the high school and was awarded $10,000 by the council.

Rob Pero showed attention to the board and its issues and I am hopeful that we can have another good budget year.

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