State legislators need to help small business

Connecticut started 2011 the way we started the previous two years, billions of dollars in debt. How can we fix this cycle?

With revenue down, we can't balance the budget unless we reduce spending. We must prioritize services. Now, government pays for services that businesses and nonprofits can do more efficiently and at no taxpayer cost.

Our only solution cannot be to raise taxes on the middle class and small businesses. Unfortunately, Hartford's legislative leadership doesn't get it.

In 2011 the current budget will rise from $17.5 billion to $19.1 billion. More than $2.1 billion will fund current obligations, at 12 percent of the budget. We have the highest debt per capita in America and face another bond-rating decrease. Worse is the $70 billion in unfunded liabilities for which our children and their children will be responsible.

With the same leaders in Hartford's legislature, no one should be surprised by the lack of urgency and ideas. What surprises many is the obsession with anti-job and small-business legislation, including paid sick leave and Sustinet. Are they aware the 9 percent unemployment rate means families lose jobs, homes and health care?

We cannot have economic turnaround unless we embrace the small-business community and get Connecticut back to work.

Editor's note: The writer is the state representative for the 47th District.

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