Mastering musical styles with Daphne Lee Martin & Raise the Rent

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Daphne Lee Martin & Raise the Rent are the musical equivalent of a Happy Hour where you go from drink-to-drink, and it all mixes together in wonderful ways you'd never have believed. They sway from Dixieland to Western swing and zydeco to life-is-a-cabaret/sophisto-lounge treatments - and do so with a sly, sweltering spirit of confident fun.

To answer a question: yes, the long-rumored CD is tentatively slotted for a September release. The tracks are recorded, they're in the mixing-then-mastering stages, and even videos are being shot as we speak.

In preparation, RTR is gearing up for a heavy touring season all over the region; it kicks off Friday at Sneekers in Groton.


Daphne Lee Martin
& Raise the Rent,
9 p.m. Friday, Sneekers Café, 568 Poquonnock Road, Groton; free; (860) 445-1967.


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