MRHS Lecture: The Mallorys of Mystic

Mallorys of Mystic by James Baughman
Mallorys of Mystic by James Baughman

On Wednesday, April 27, the Mystic River Historical Society presents a lecture by Jim Baughman on the business history of the remarkable Mallory family, which began in Mystic and over six generations progressed from sail making to shipbuilding, to the ownership and operation of sealers, whalers, clipper ships, coastal steamships, transoceanic liners and oil tankers.


The story begins with David Malary, a privateersman in the Revolutionary War, and continues, father to son, through the business careers of Charles Mallory (1796-1882), Charles Henry Mallory (1818-1890), Henry Rogers Mallory (1848-1919), Clifford Day Mallory, Sr. (1881-1941) and Clifford Day Mallory, Jr. (1916-2000).


Over a 43-year career, Jim Baughman has been a Professor at Harvard Business School, President of the Iranian Center for Management Studies, Worldwide Head of Management Development for General Electric, Corporate Head of Leadership and Organizational Development for J. P. Morgan, and consultant to top management of multinational firms. He also served eighteen years in the U. S. Coast Guard Reserve.


Besides business textbooks, he has written extensively on American maritime history, including Charles Morgan and the Development of Southern Transportation and The Mallorys of Mystic: Six Generations in American Maritime Enterprise. Jim and his wife Deborah have been commuting between Chicago and their part-time home in Mystic since 1962.


The program begins at 7:30 p.m. at the Mystic Congregational Church Parish Hall and is followed by a question and answer period and refreshments. It is free and open to the public. For more information, call the Mystic River Historical Society 536-4779, or email