Gender is reason Chief Ackley targeted

The innuendoes and false allegations keep coming from the peanut galley, mainly from the double dipping-police union president, Todd Lynch, and most recently in the March 15 article, "Chief Ackley skewered in police union accusations."

It would seem this cop isn't satisfied with the first (State Police) and eventually the second retirement he will receive at some point from us taxpayers, now he wants to make a few bucks on lawsuits.

He talks of his First Amendment rights being violated. Give me a break, Lynch, how many times did you trample on the First Amendments rights and only God knows how many other rights performing your police duties?

Every story or article I read about the chief, I come away feeling the problem is that you do not like having to answer to a woman.

I will tell you this, the chief is made from Grade A stock, and you big tough guys won't be able to penetrate her resolve. She is the example you should follow when serving and protecting the public.

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